I’M PREGNANT… + PRETTY SHEER, LACE DRESSES | Claire Pettibone’s Romantique Collection + No, Seriously, I’m Pushing a Baby Out My Vag Soon. (Even Though My Doctor Wants Me To Have a C-Section.)


Hey everyone!

So Wednesday I went to Claire Pettibone‘s runway show for her new Romantique collection.  I bout died.



But before I get into it– remember this?  Well I want to expand on that news I sort of nonchalantly dropped in the title.  I am like a zillion months pregnant.  Just thought I’d tell you?  Sorry that I’m just now getting up the balls to announce it.  I’m {Continue reading…}

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BRIDAL FASHION WEEK | Top Choice in: *Trends* | The One Trend I Wanted in Dresses, Happened!!! Plus Bambino.

So friends… it came, and it went.  And it was spectacular.  Bridal designers converged on NYC earlier this month for Bridal Fashion Week, and on the whole they brought forth perhaps the most satisfying alternative ever, to the full pelvic lower back tattoo of a mason jar holding a lavender bouquet shaped like a giant mustache sipping on a striped paper straw that I was going to get in order to make my wedding photos that super extra special bit of unique.  “Blog-worthy,” as they say.

Mom, you can start speaking to me again!  Not getting the back tattoo you said you’d kill yourself over before you lived another day to see me with a back tattoo!

Just kidding about the tattoo.  I’m not an idiot.  My tattoo will be {Continue reading…}

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CLAIRE PETTIBONE + PERSONAL POST | “I was a grown woman when my mom shared the scandal that my grandpa was not grandma’s first love.”

Gooo-deeevuhningah.  It’s totally nighttime right now, because these personal posts always take me forever.  Oh and we’re totally gonna get to these dresses in a second, promise.  (Maybe not a second.)  But first, this.      {Continue reading…}

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OH, NICE TO MEET YOU, WEDDING DRESS OF MY WILDEST DREAMS. | Images by André Teixeira of Brancoprata / Jose Villa Workshop, Mexico {PART I}

↑ like WHOA.

Happy Friday afternoon-almost-weekend you guys!  I sorries; I knowww it’s late even for me :) but most of today was spent working on some projects/some upcoming news of the personal variety – that yes, of course I’m going to share with you soon – and the remaining time was weirdly spent editing shots I took at a recent Vera Wang event because I feel bad I haven’t freaking SHAAARED them with you yet, jeez, but I promise they are coming, I promise promise promise.  Ok anyway I really wanna hear your deepest, darkest thoughts on the following, so here we go…

I think I’m telling a lot of people’s stories when I say this… so tell me if you’ve experienced this, too:

{Continue reading…}

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CELEBRITY DRESS INSPIRATION | Carrie Underwood Edition | Would you wear one of these on your big day?

Aaaaaand… we’re baaaaack!

Yay!  It’s Wednesday afternoon (about 3:45 PM EST because that flight wiped me the eff OUT, y’all) and we’re totally back from California!  (SAD FACE, but also EXCITED FACE, because there’s sooooo goshdarn much coming up on the bliggity that I can HARDLY CONTAIN MYSELF.  So, HARDLY CONTAIN MYSELF FACE, I guess…?  Oh also JET-LAGGED FACE and SOMEONE IN OUR SECTION DEFINITELY HAD BEANS RIGHT BEFORE BOARDING OUR FLIGHT FACE.)

Ok, first, here’s what we did in Laguna Beach, besides attend three days of splendiferous wedding-related activities (which ruled)… {Continue reading…}

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