{#2} UHH, CAN I DO MY WEDDING OVER? | How one photographer ruined their wedding day… and how another saved their memories. | Images by Diana Rush Photography

just to be clear ↑ these are the saved memories, thanks to the incredibly kind and talented Diana Rush.  The photographer who committed the wedding fail in today’s story?  Will not be named.  Homey don’t play like that.  (I’m homey, if you were unsure.)

Happiest of afternoons to you, my darlings.  How’s your day going?  How’s your face?  How’s your complexion – is it to your standards, or is Shark Week unleasing its nastiness on your pores?  I certainly hope not, that s*** is insufferable.  It’s enough to get me to choose the date for my wedding based entirely upon my menstrual cycle.  And maybe on the availability of my immediate and extended family.  But menstruation is going to trump second cousin availability, for sure.

But I digress.

Here, get a cup of tea, grab your Snuggie or whatever accoutrements to which you’re accustomed when spending some free time with me on this blog, sit down on a comfortable chair (or if you’re at the office, a ‘chair’ since only the fancy higherups get the fancy ergonomic ones which is so unfair) and have a listen.  Because things just took a turn into Seriousville.  You see, sometimes… something terrible happens on your wedding day.  But guess what?  There’s something you can do to make the memories 1000% better than they had to turn out.  And I feel slightly uncomfortable talking about this, because it talks about the unfortunate negative side of how things can go, but that just pretty much means I HAVE to blog it now, right?  What the hell am I doing blogging if I’m not telling you things can go wrong.  So here we go.   Well, naturally, we begin with me being a ridiculous.  THEN, the story. {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...