TODAY IN ‘ZOMG’ | Romantic Gothic Wilderness Wedding Inspiration, French Bulldogs, Writer’s Block and My Boobs. | Feat. Izzy Hudgins & French Knot Studios

Happy late Friday evening.  I = back.

“NO, momma– I wanna dress like a *whore* version of Snow White”  - being uttered by children coming of age in modern-day American society during the month of October.

Think about it.  But not for too long because ew, weird.


So uh, those sentences above? = how my Halloween post started out originally, when it was scheduled to go up before Halloween.  Silliness and inappropriateness.  NBD, right?  And then this happened:   {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...

PARISIAN BOO!-DOIR + PERSONAL POST | An edgy, vintage, magical shoot that’s positively to DIE for. … Also, my thoughts on that Kardashian wedding vs. gay marriage.

Happy Halloween afternoon my little ghouls and goblins and sexified versions of normally very nonsexual, highly respected occupations on this, the only day of the year that encourages slutting it up a little and knocking on strangers doors at night asking for treats and tricks!  So safe.  It’s so safe!

So!  We have a killer (hehe) boudoir shoot submitted by the fabulous Nico Cervantes of NLC Productions to share with your eyes today, but first, I wanna know costumes.  Who’s my sexy crossing guard today?  Any sexy Target pharmacists out there?  Do I have any sexy occupational therapists in my midst?  Whatever you’re dressing up as tonight – if you’re even dressing up at all – it’s really a delight to see you guys again after such an *interesting* weekend!  What do I mean by interesting?  I mean we dressed up early for Halloween this weekend!  Seriously, the whole weekend we were dressed up as sexy bums from Antarctica!  Because we didn’t get the heat turned on until this afternoon.  I swear, I was *this close* to… being forced to wait longer and probably not really do anything drastic since I don’t like to get in people’s faces too much.  I only called the building owner 1000 times consecutively.  Nonstop.  :)

Ok stop, stop.  WAIT.  Hold up.  Listen, I didn’t wanna touch on this today.  But I’m gonna do it.  I’m gonna touch on this today.  I feel compelled.  And by *this* I mean {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...