Double-Duty Table Decor That’ll Charm Your Guests on Thanksgiving… and Then Once More, on Your Wedding Day.

Recently, I’ve been interested in finding great ways to personalize a Thanksgiving table.  (I know, shocking!)  While searching out my favorite styles and settings, I found quite a few looks that, at least to me, seemed quite capable of serving double-duty; perfect for the holiday table, and utterly ideal for the bride who wants a fresh, chic look for her reception.  Why this is a good idea: listen, these projects don’t make themselves.  It takes some effort, on your part, and what’s better than a little reduce-reuse when it comes to your table decorations?  The only people who’ll know – not that it matters – are the guests you’ll be inviting to both events.  So make sure you tell them not to spill the beans – both by word of mouth, AND as they pass them over your centerpieces.

Here are my favorite looks for a chic celebration… whether it’s for a truly terrific Thanksgiving, or your wow factor wedding celebration.

(Note: Hover over each image for more detail.)

1 Martha Stewart's Cornhusk Votives

2 Martha Stewart's Glimmer and Shine - spray painted miniature pumpkins and a place card written in gold ink

3 Martha Stewart's Oak-Leaf Cornucopia

4 Martha Stewart's Printed Linens

5 Martha Stewart's vivid fall leaves (clipped maple sprays, from your yard!)

6 Martha Stewart's Tabletop Collage - Display autumn leaves beneath a sheer tablecloth

7 Martha Stewart's photo place cards - copy your fave photos, then glue them to card stock

8 Martha Stewart's Glowing Hurricane Glasses

9 Martha Stewart's Cornhusk Napkin Rings & Place Cards

9a. Martha Stewart's Step by Step for Cornhusk Napkin Rings & Place Cards

A. Martha Stewart's Fall Basket Centerpiece

B. Martha Stewart's basket-weave place cards

Bb. Martha Stewart's Basket-weave place cards detail

C. Martha Stewart's Feathery place setting

D. Martha Stewart's Beaded Napkin Rings

E. Martha Stewart's Ribbon Napkin Rings

F. Martha Stewart's Sleek hurricanes filled with fallen leaves

H. Martha Stewart's No-Stitch Cross-Stitch

Hh. Martha Stewart's No-Stitch Cross-Stitch details

{Images courtesy of Martha Stewart}

If you would like to try your hand at any of the above projects, click here to go to Martha Stewart’s Thanksgiving Table Settings Gallery and check out her corresponding How-To instructions!


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DIY Wedding Projects, Courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

Men often say that they read risque magazines, eh-hem, “for the articles.” Well, I love Martha Stewart Weddings, and I’ll admit it’s almost entirely for the pictures.  They are MESMERIZING.  The golds and pinks, the reds and blues, the sparkle and shine, the glitz and, of course, the glam.  I have no shame about this.  But that’s probably because there are no bare chests and questionable positions in the PG world of Martha.

Anyway, there are oodles and oodles of exceptional ideas to be found on the pages of MSW, and I highly recommend getting yourself a copy next time you pass a newsstand, but in the meantime, I just have to share with you some of the shimmering inspiration I so enjoy each time I pick up the mag…

MSW Fall 2009 Cover

This project – which features do-it-yourself golden flower pin wheels (you can purchase the party picks to which they’re attached here) atop mini vanilla cupcakes, which themselves are encased in itty bitty cupcake shells… which you can also make yourself – makes me so uncontrollably excited about what I can actually achieve for my wedding that I might pass out.

MSW Fall 2009_1 DIY

You see that precious little gathering of varied punches on the left, below?  Those punches, by Martha Stewart Crafts, are responsible for the entire DIY STYLE spread in Martha’s Fall 2009 issue.  Those adorable punches made it all.   Ah-mazing.

MSW Fall 2009_2 DIY

Weren’t planning on adding the wow factor to your wedding tea tags and place mats?  WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH YOU?  Honestly I hadn’t planned on getting quite that detailed in my efforts, either.  But now as I’m writing this sentence, I am totally falling in love with the place mats.  Those edges are darling, are they not?  They are.  Love it.

MSW Fall 2009_3 DIY

Look.  At That.  It’s a crown of paper flowers for your (well-behaved, careful with delicate things) flower girl.  OMG.  That’s some kinda wonderful.

MSW Fall 2009_4 DIY

Got votives?  Got vellum (or a craft store in your neighborhood)?  That’s all you need for these vellum-wrapped candles, which have been spruced up using Martha Stewart Crafts punches, seen in the third image from the top.

And take a closer look (you can click on the image and then zoom in to view the directions) at the bottom project, which features miniature escort cards (created with those punches you keep hearing about) tucked into slits in the branches.  Too.  Cute.  … I just hope there isn’t a draft by the seating card table.

MSW Fall 2009_5 DIY

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Have a Great Photo of You & Your Honey? Here’s Where You Can Stick It…

Are you all about the details and looking for a special way to personalize your wedding correspondence?  Or are you searching for a way to ensure that your save-the-date isn’t accidentally tossed in the trash, tragically mistaken for a piece of junk mail?

Whether it’s the former or the latter, I’ve got something that might be just what the postman ordered…

The ladies of the Today Show have brought us yet another superb idea that’ll help to make your wedding just a little bit more all about YOU.  I kind of LOVE this, so I brought it back here as I thought you might get a kick out of it, too!

Think you’re interested in taking your wedding branding one step further?  Go to Picture It Postage, to start creating.  FYI, it’s legit (an approved licensed vendor of the USPS).

Even if you don’t want to buy anything, I think you’ll have a ball experimenting with your favorite photos of you and your sweetie.  I’ve created a few samples below using my engagement photos in case you’d like a little inspiration.  It’s really quite fun; you can totally personalize the stamp with the perfect coordinating background and text colors to fit your photo!!

PictureItPostage™ - your choice of background and text colors

And check out the bare beauty of no background color at all:

PictureItPostage™ - creating your stamp!

You can even choose between portrait and landscape layouts (how pretty are those colors!!!!)…

PictureItPostage™ - landscape

Have a great time creating!  I know I did.  :)

Are you more of a quirky girl?  This postage might be more your style…

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Wedding WOW Factor: Be Gaudy And Just Gold Leaf It All

Gold can do so much for decor, bringing excitement and shimmer to what’s otherwise a bore.  (Hehe.)  Here, we’ve compiled a whole bunch of photos with a single common theme: gold leaf.  Some are barely touched by the mesmerizing foil, others engulfed by its rich, delicate shimmer.  I think it looks SPECTACULAR on EVERYTHING!

What do you think?

Careful: don’t gold leaf everything… you don’t want your guests walking around with golden behinds.  Gold leaf should accent your decor, not be your decor.

We begin with some rocks with gold leaf designs on them.  We think this is a great substitute for place cards.  Your guests will be super impressed with your fine motor skills!  (What do I mean?  Take a look at these directions and you’ll see: how to make them.


What you’ll need for this project: in addition to the smooth rock and gold leaf foil, you’ll need a brush, a really precise and slim pair of scissors (or x-acto knife), and some Double Tack Mounting Film.

Here are some more pretty pictures to encourage you…

Gold leaf branches and initial on rocks

Strips of gold leaf on smooth rocks

And now for more things made brilliant with gold leaf!  How about ON YOUR STRAWBERRIES?

Bowl of strawberries... with gold leaf specks!

This image is from The Carriage House Restaurant in the UK… a gold leaf framed mirror is ALWAYS a stunner.  It adds luxury to almost anything.

Lovely cake... but my eyes are drawn to that gold leaf frame

Now this, THIS IS GOLD LEAFING, courtesy of European Paint and Textures.  Don’t you just love staring at this? I can’t take my eyes off of it.  If I were invited to dinner at this residence (I wish), I think I’d come off a bit rude to the hosts, as I’d be straining my neck to oggle their shimmering ceiling.  To do this for your wedding, all you’ll need is a ladd … no I’m just kidding, this is BEYOND.  If you can do this to your ceiling and it fits with your motif, more power to you.

gold leaf CEILING!

Not enough gold leaf for you?  Then feast your eyes on this:

Shaw Penthouse in San Diego, gold leaf window

Shaw Penthouse in San Diego. gold leaf up in here.

And now, for our finale piece… you know them, you love them… the masters inspiration board makers…Snippet & Ink!  Take a page from this board if you’re looking for subtle, fantastic ways to infuse gold into your wedding day color scheme.

SnippetandInk's pale blue gold autumn pear rosettes wedding inspiration board

{Snippet & Ink photo credits:} Top row from left: gold leaf hair wreath by, gold-foil pear place card via 100 Layer Cake, blue trailer photo by Elizabeth Messina, Edgardo Bonilla dress on gold sofa from D Magazine
Row 2: escort cards in gold ribbon and branches from Martha Stewart Weddings, pale blue strapless dress by Samuelle Couture, gold banded wedding cake from Rebecca Thuss, gold pear still life by Matthew Mead Style
Row 3: tissue rosettes by A.Hana Design, lily bouquet with gold and blue ribbons by Ariella Chezar, gold and pale blue invitation suite from Martha Stewart Weddings

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Invitations That Go Beyond

Today, we’ve got some brilliant little DIY projects from the great Martha Stewart that’ll really show your creative side to each and every single one of your wedding guests.  If you’re crafty, and you’re looking for a few inspiring ways to make your invitations uniquely yours, get ready for some inspiration!

Perfect for a winter wedding, this do it yourself invitation is delicate, sweet and relatively simple to make.  All you need: your invitations (for best results, print on card stock), a Japanese hole puncher and yarn.  We adore the soft pink used below, but the great thing about this project is that you can coordinate the yarn color with your wedding scheme!

Stitched Stationery

You can accent your stitched invites with envelopes lined in a coordinating color or pattern.  (Martha achieved the cherry blossom look above with gift wrap.)

Not looking to spend too much one-on-one time creating your invitations?  Here’s the project for you.  While we wouldn’t necessarily suggest the below for a formal wedding, you can certainly go ahead with this approach for a more casual affair.  It’s pretty straightforward: decide on the content of your invitation (need help with that?  Go here), have a custom stamp made for you (there are a number of people online who sell this ware, but Martha tends to suggest this guy so we will, too), and then stamp your brains out.

Beware: because the stamp is so large, you may run into trouble achieving an even print every time.  So just be sure to check that you’ve evenly coated the entire rubber image, and, upon placing it on your card stock, softly impress each of its corners with your fingers after the initial press.

Rubber Stamps

Looking for the perfect way to marry your passion for bright colors and elaborate prints with your desire to keep it classy enough for a formal fête?  If that’s a yes, then you may want to consider this next project, which we’ve nicknamed ‘business on the front, party on the back.’  (Sooo cheesy.)  Anyway, good news: it involves making stickers!  (Who doesn’t love this?)  To make these cloth-backed cards, Martha advises you use the Xyron 500, a user-friendly sticker-maker, which you can find here.

A little more detail, courtesy of Martha:

After you’ve fed the material through the machine — thin fabrics such as cotton work best — trim the now-sticky piece with a rotary cutter, and then affix it to the back of the invite. For an added layer of texture, use paper in a coordinating color to make envelope liners.

Fabric Invites

We feel that embossing oozes sophisticated chic.  If you agree, consider an embosser made of your monogram, and go wild…


How pleasantly unique is this?  This ensures your guests will get a truly unique look at your creativity as soon as they lift the flap of your invitation.  Nothing worth doing is easy, and this one definitely involves some doing, so we encourage you to check out Martha’s How To on lining an envelope.

Envelope Liners

Are you a master DIY-er?  Here’s a challenge, and be warned, it’s ALL YOU, even down to making the envelopes!  Here’s the detailed How-To (Paper-backed wood veneer is the medium used in the image below:)

Make Your Own Envelopes

If you listen closely, you’ll hear “awww”s coming from the homes of your guests as they open these dainty paper doily envelopes. These truly look professional when done with a slow hand.  Believe it or not, they’re quite simple to make!  Just make sure you use 9-inch square doilies, you’re set.  Just fold into itself, affix with a clear adhesive, and voila!

Lacy Liners

Calligraphy is often not an option when working with a budget.  Here’s an alternative that’s easy and acceptable:

Wrap Around Labels

Here’s the template:

Wrap Around Labels template

Talk about easy; just visit any custom stamp site ( is a leader in the industry) and upload a design of your choosing…

Custom Postage Stamp

Okay, this next one we L O V E.  Isn’t it just the most stunning suite you’ve seen today?  This one’s all about the accents – the stamp accents.  Get your hands on vintage stamps from a specialty store, and give your invitations a truly elegant throwback feel.

Vintage Stamps

You can go the vintage route, or, if you’re having trouble finding what you want (you’ll obviously need quite a few stamps and it might be tough to hunt down enough if they’re vintage), then consider visiting the USPS online store. There you’ll find countless colors and prints, and who knows, you might find a perfect match for your invitations!

Themed Stamps

For more on bringing your invitations to the next level, visit Martha Stewart Weddings.  Did we mention we LOVE her?

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Warriors in Pink: Your Bridal Party!

On Friday, October 16, The Martha Stewart Show was devoted to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This episode gave us a couple of great ideas (if we do say so ourselves) that you may want to employ for your wedding!

As you may already know, we here at The Knotty Bride are always looking for ways to infuse what we find to be wonderful things and ideas, into weddings. Well, this time it was a no-brainer and we’re SURE that your bridal party will be psyched over the first one.

So, getting to it: are you looking for a meaningful item to give to your bridesmaids that they’ll treasure, not just throw in a drawer when they get home? Maybe pink is integral to your wedding color scheme, and you’d like that to extend to your bridal party’s look as they walk… or dance, whatever floats your boat… up the aisle. Or maybe breast cancer has had an impact on your life or the lives of your friends and family, and you are looking for a way to show support and awareness in a way that will bring delight to your guests’ faces, and a feeling of happiness and warmth to their hearts.

If any of that applies to you, well then two things are happening here — 1) we love you! and 2) we’ve got the perfect gift for your bridal party, and anyone else to whom you’d like to give something truly special and incredibly meaningful…

Ford's 2009 Warrior Woven Scarf on Martha

Now imagine that diva-liciousness draped around the necks of your beautiful bridesmaids? They can also roll and tie the scarves around their necks, for a that sophisticated french look. Hard to pull off, but ah-mazing when done right.

Do you love a good DIY project?  Then may we suggest showing your support through your invitations!

we love the Warriors In Pink Stamping Kit!

Warriors In Pink - Warrior Stamping Kit Colors

For more information or if you’re interested in purchasing any of the Warriors in Pink items seen here, visit

Instructions for making a super special invitation or thank you card:

Tools and Materials
Notecard and envelope
“Symbols of the Warrior” stamping kit
Glue pen

Stationery How-To
1. Stamp notecard and let dry completely.
2. Use glue pen and glitter to embellish.
3. Decorate envelope, if desired.

Stamping kit from You can find the additional tools and materials over at Martha Stewart Crafts.

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ETSY | My favorite Picks from Martha Stewart’s List

We adore the world of Etsy here at The Knotty Bride.  It’s practically the greatest thing going if you want something that screams creative and unique.  It’s like marketplace version of the The Freelancers Union.  Things you’ve never even dreamed of come to life over at Etsy; and, for a bride who wants customization, she needn’t look any further – Etsy is her mecca, her holy grail… of personalization.

The creative minds over at Martha Stewart Weddings recently put together a lengthy list of their favorite Etsy Shops.  Here are our favorites, delicately plucked from among theirs.  Think you might want to get your hands on one of these one-of-a-kind creations?  You’ll find the details of each and every product here at Martha Stewart Weddings.

Ok, as promised, our faves… enjoy!

For a complete list of their picks, click here to take a direct flight to the article over at Martha Stewart Weddings.

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