SUPER PERSONAL | Sometimes, life kicks your face. But it also reminds you that there are only two things that truly matter in love, weddings and marriage.

Happiest of evenings, pretty faces.  It’s a little after 9pm in the evening here in NYC, and I’ve got some heavy stuff to share that isn’t at all what I ever wanted to share today.

First, let me say that I hope your day has gone well, complete with a delicious lunch, lots of emails answered and little to no drama/back-stabbing going on within the common areas or washrooms of your respective offices.  Yes?  I do hope so.  Because nobody likes office drama.  Totally messes with efficiency.  Anyway this post is kinda heavy on the personal, emotional side.  And quite low on the helpful-use-of-transitional-phrases side, as you just experienced when I jumped from workplace efficiency to Alison’s EMOTIONS.  So, just a warning, if this kind of thing isn’t for you today.  I’m pretty sure you guys won’t mind, but heck, you never know.   {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...