GET THE LOOK: 2 WAYS | One’s with a Dress, the Other’s in the Flesh. Also, my puppy stops by. | Jennifer Bagwell

Second post of the day, puhPOW!  Ok, so you know that inescapable desire lots of us peoplefolk have (myself, included) to look not only our best, but also spectacularly unique, if ohhh I dunnooo… maybe, say, we’re going to be spending 6-10 hours in the vicinity of a photographer whose only mission is to get great images of *the face and body* on one of the biggest, most important days of our lives?  Well, if you ask me, whether it’s on your wedding day, or at your engagement shoot, or wherever – it’s not such a bad thing to want to look amazeballs in every way.  … of course, I’m already getting ahead of myself.  So let’s just get on with it, shall we?  Great.

You all know Bambino.    {Continue reading…}

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RUFFLES, TULLE, LACE, SATIN AND CHIFFON | PRETTIEST DRESSES IN THE LAND 2012 | No, seriously. These are the prettiest ones. [Bridal Market Coverage]

Happy Friday afterno-errr evening, ladies and gentles!  HOLY MOTHER OF HOLYNESS I FINALLY FINISHED THIS POST.  Hey Alison, why don’t you go on a date with photoshop (that’s fancy speak for ‘sit at your desk all day’) and break a hand-holding record with it, without pee breaks or water or other sustenance all in an effort to compile an up-to-snuff list of only your favorite pulls?  Because it’s not like anybody’s anxiously waiting with baited breath to see these dresses or anything.  Really.  Be a perfectionist about it.  It’s cool.  No no, it’s cool, really.

I’m weirding myself out talking to myself in third person.  Going to stop that.  I’m sorry to post these a tad later today than I’d hoped, but I truly hope it was worth the wait :)

Yeah, so you know how I had that little press preview Thursday morning to see Elie Saab/Manuel Mota’s 2012 Collections for Pronovias?  WELL……….. {Continue reading…}

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WEDDING DRESS OBSESSION | The Force is Strong in You, Elie Saab | You guys, I think I’ll wear one of these dresses to that wedding I’m attending IN HEAVEN.

I think Ashley of The Bachelorette would call this line “as cool as a cucumber.”

Ok, SO, happy Thursday afternoon, loveys!  Hope you’re doing fabulously well.  :)  I happen to have Ellie Goulding on my mind this week, because Honey and I are attending her concert later this month.  MODERATELY EXCITED.  I’ve been keeping it a secret from him, which is kinda weird since I think I’m probably the bigger fan here, but whatever he finally got me to spill the beans on the *mystery thing* we’re doing in late July {Continue reading…}

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GLITZY GLAMOROUS DRESS LOVE | If Elie Saab Makes It, Apparently I Covet It. Plus, Mr. McPuppyPants.

Happy Monday, darlings!  How are you doing?  Have a good weekend?  I hope you did because mine was SUPER WEIRD.  Nothing a few pretty dresses can’t fix though, amirite?  I am, I am right.  I think you know it.  Because it’s AMAZING what pretty dresses can do to perk up a weird day.  Surely I’m not alone in this thinking, eh?  :)

Ok, so here’s the thing: I’m a little lost for words today, and I don’t know why that is.  Ok, well I sorta do know why that is, and it has everything to do with the fact that neither of us got much sleep last night.  And here’s why… {Continue reading…}

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RUFFLES, SPARKLE, LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS | Lessons from The Bachelor | On the importance of finding your ‘best fit’ … both in love, and in your wedding dress.

↑ Barf.

Happy Tuesday, honeys!  Ok, let’s get to it.  This is so not what I wanted to start off with today, but life throws you curveballs… {Continue reading…}

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