HOLIDAY MODE | DEAR TKB: To get married, or not to get married? I need to know NOW (please). | Also, Bambino.

Happy Tuesday evening, darlings.  Did you get what you wanted this weekend?  I got the gift of family, friends and a Radiohead concert next March from Honey.  DREAM GIFT, and I didn’t even know I wanted it that bad.  Downside of Christmas: Honey unwittingly said “creampie” when a new-to-the-family young lady asked “ooohh, what kind of kind of dessert is this?”, pointing to the jello pudding whipped cream pie.  They both immediately looked away and down, were silent for what, three hours?  That’s what it felt like.  It was probably around 2 seconds.  They then parted ways, never to speak again.  Probably forever and ever, amen.

Good times!  GTs.

Ok SO!  Tell me what you got for Christmas if that’s what you celebrate!!!!  I love hearing this stuff, it’s weird.  I just love hearing it.

By the way I wanted to show you what Bambino’s grandparents got him for Christmas:

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Love all of this...