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Flowers: $20.

A love note in the morning. $.50 + feelings.

Your honey sitting at home watching The Bachelor with you after a nice dinner: PRICELESS. {Continue reading…}

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LOVE ADVICE + FASHION | When your relationship takes a back seat to wedding planning + my bridal look obsession.

Happy New Year, friendlies!  Welcome to a brand new year, with a gazillion brand new bits of wedding inspiration, giveaways, fashion, advice, news and just general pretty pretty prettiness on The Knotty Bride!  I’m so excited about 2011; we’ve got so much in store for all of you, and it’s blowing my mind to smithereens.  Ok, here we go with today’s post… {Continue reading…}

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ACCESSORY LOVE + HAIR TIPS | Inspired by nature, dipped in gold, bronze, or silver, and made with love.

Everything you’re about to see in this post is amazeballs.  Fair warning.

I got so excited when I found everything I’ve compiled here {Continue reading…}

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FRIDAY’S FAB FINDS™ | Sept 17 | ACK! DIY red heart wedding cake topper! And other awesome wedding items and ideas. Plus, what I consider the most hilarious video.

Hey, peoples!  How are you doing this gorgeous (at least where I am) Friday morning?  Are you at work?  Are you at home?  Are you nursing?  Are you walking the dogs?  Well stop… {Continue reading…}

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The Lingerie Diaries: Where I WON’T be purchasing my panties. {… Plus, my new bridal necklace OBSESSION.}

We went to Macy’s this weekend and somehow had tons of fun there. This was not part of it: {Continue reading…}

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SUBMIT YOUR PROPOSAL STORY | Plus: Things With Which I’m Obsessed…

This space in my heart is in the shape of you.  No one else can fit in.  Why would I want them to?  – Jeanette Winterson

That quote is from the wedding stationery of one of the couples I’ve featured below.  And I adore it.

* * *

Hello and happy Tuesday, peeps!  More on that beautiful bedroom scene above in a minute.  Now, listen up, my georgishmorgies!

As a wedding blogger, I read about and hear proposal stories all the goshdarn day.  And you know what?  I’m getting really sic… just kidding.  I quite like it.  No, I LOVE IT.  And it’s come to the point where I seriously want some more of it.

Which brings me to my first order of news: word of this has circulated around the Twittersphere quite a bit already, but I’d like to formally announce it today, on zee blog.  I’m planning to do a series on proposal stories from you guys – that’s right, my dear readers! – and submissions are being accepted, yo.  I am so excited about the stories I’ve received already, and I just KNOW there are some pretty amazing/fun/romantic/long-planned stories still sitting out there in your minds, waiting to be featured.  So, if you’d like to be considered for a proposal feature on The Knotty Bride, by all means, have at it!  Be as talkative/detail-oriented/short and sweet/foul-mouthed as you’d like.  (To the foul-mouthed: ye shall be edited, slightly… but not as much as you might expect.)

The bare necessities… the simple, bare necessities:

1. The story of how your lover proposed (yes, I just linked to that hilarity again, thank you very much).

2. Photos from your engagement session or, if you did not have an e-session, high quality images of you and your beloved.  Note: a photo (taken by anyone) of the site of the proposal is preferred, but not required.

3. Submit to theknottybride{@} – I’m looking forward to reading them!

* * *

And now, as promised, I present to you some things with which I’m OBSESSED:

This ruffled quilt from west elm… not to mention the ENTIRE BEDROOM DESIGN APPROACH going on at the tippy top of this post.  Oh how I covet all of what’s going on here.


You remember that Winterson quote that started us off, today?  It’s courtesy of Laura and Dave, the couple involved in this wedding, which was photographed by One Love Photo and planned by Married & More with Michelle:

By the way, there are tall, slender trees on the beaches in Seattle?  Umm, that’s awesome.



Totally obsessing over this twinkle cuff and statement hair accessory, both from fashion designer and Project Runway finalist, Carol Hannah Whitfield.  (Check out her shop!)


This wedding, by Audrey Hannah, for these ring-related reasons:

And this wedding, also by Audrey Hannah, for the beautiful crying, striking eyes and detail love below:

Note: this is so what would be going down between my Mom and me.  SO.  Except this bride’s crying face is cute.  Mine?  Not so much.


This show.  Because she and I have the same first name.  And that’s the only reason.  By the way, Frank seems nice; I like his passion.  And I haaaaaaaaate the R.I. lawyer.  Haaaaaaaaaate.  Plus he calls her sweetie, like, twice, the moment he meets her.  He’s creepy and conceited and she shall not pick him. Also, Kasey sounds like he has a family of frogs in his throat.  WHAT IS UP with that.


Aaaaand finally, this color palette (when I saw the below on Etsy, my mind went wild with wedding color scheme inspiration.  I cannot begin to tell you how perfect these colors are… please consider them… you will make my year):

Ok, let the proposal submissions begin!  Remember, send your stories/photos to theknottybride{@} -  thanks!

By the way, I’d love to know what you think of these random finds… I just loved so much today, I couldn’t choose just one thing to share!  Any faves?

xoxo!  -Alison

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BRIDAL HEADPIECE LOVE ♡ I want all of these. I’m not kidding.

Lo Boheme

The love I have for these bridal accessories is comparable to that which I hold for my unborn child.  (Don’t have one of those yet so I probably don’t know the true meaning of a statement like that, but I’m still confident that I’ve drawn an appropriate parallel.)

This is not only a grouping of some of the most lovely accessories EVER, but also some truly incredible wedding day hairstyle inspiration.  Heck yes, a twofer!

* * *

First up is Lo Boheme‘s Spring/Summer 2010 collection, shot by the fabulous Marisa Holmes in her historic 1888 studio.  … These make my mouth water.  I need to have about seven of them in my life.  Not to mention those DRESSES.  I wish they were selling those dresses!!!

Check out their etsy shop if you’d like to have one of these beautiful things in your life.

* * *

This next headpiece blows my mind.  I found it over on my darling friend Melissa’s blog, The Loveliest Day.  Check. Out. This. Shot.

Yeah.  That stunning young woman’s name is Dana, and she’s got herself an Etsy shop called Retr0lux, where she sells fabo headpieces just like the one you see on her beautiful head.  And I WANT IT.  I also want to look like this on my wedding day.  Thought I hated huge, ruffled statement mini jackets.  HAH!  I WAS SO WRONG.  Dana defines style for me today.  Can the two of us please go shopping on Melrose sometime?  I didn’t realize I needed some pointers until I met you and your unique, brilliant fashion sense.

* * *

I caught a glimpse of‘s new line, the “Black Label,” on Mixed Plate, and it made the happiness area of my brain go insane.  I had never appreciated head decoration all that much until the very first time I discovered Jen and Jamie’s hyper-feminine designs long ago, and this, their newest line, is doing its part to hold my interest.  You guys are gonna eat these things up.  Eat. Them. Up.

Yeah, I told you!  By the way, I kind of can’t take how ridiculously beautiful this model is.  For those of you who don’t know, it’s Alison Sudol, of A Fine Frenzy!  Gotta love it.

* * *

Photos of Lo Boheme pieces taken by Marisa Holmes.
Photos of Retr0lux items taken by Jason Q. Tran.

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FRIDAY’S FAB FINDS ♡ Part 1 | Etsy Bitsy Favorites | hey… psst… I stare at you sometimes

Occasionally, I’ll go to my Favorites page on Etsy, just to take a lingering look at what I’ve accumulated.

For example, I favorited Etsy shop owner sarahparrott825, because she has the most precious thing going.  She calls it, “Press & Post,” which she describes as “a monthly delivery of one letterpress card complete with a kraft envelope & vintage postage stamps for those who love to write & send beautiful notes.”

What an absolutely, positively splendid idea.  And who doesn’t like pristine vintage postage?


Gathering Etsy Favorites is one of my many labors of love.

I’m the saver in the family, so it’s not about parking things to pick them up later… though I certainly do Paypal it up every now and then.  (My credit card bill alternates between Whole Foods, Etsy, rent and Chipotle.)   I have a few reasons for picking Favorites… sometimes I feel like I need something, sometimes I find something inspiring, but most of the time I feel like having the opportunity to easily access and stare at something for whatever length of time pleases me.  To infinity.

Or ’til it makes its way to the blog.  A totally legit reason to hoard loveliness, no?

Time to share.

~ An origami paper crane, by Shadan.  I’ve had this one on the list for awhile, for two very specific reasons:

1. Origami cranes are my thing.  (Shout out, childhood.)
2. It’s just a paper crane – a beautiful paper crane, but a crane, nonetheless – however, somehow Shadan’s crazy skillz transform the scene it into a topographic landscape, complete with mountainous lanterns, what seem like jellybean lowlands, and I think there’s a kid in the back. (And that’s either a huge white diaper entombing his bottom half, or a sunbeam splashing off of an unknown in the foreground.  Votes?)

By the way, here’s Shadan‘s dandy Etsy bio:

“I’m a vegetarian,recently-married,closeted reality-show loving,friendly,artistic girl who would just like to turn my hobby of making things into a full-time career before I poke my own eye out with my pencil at my current 9-5 cubicle job.”


~ A set of favorites from Sigmosaics, comin’ at us all the way from Christchurch, New Zealand <– why I love the internet.  I’m digging the “lip” of orange that rises just above the external mosaic.

More of my favorite mosaic work from Sigmosaics:

~ Last up, lovely paper goods from humunuku.

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Friday’s Fab Finds | BLACK FRIDAY Edition ♥ Sweetest Etsy Deals Around + Dresses for Less for You and Your Girls!

Hey everybody!  So, I’m so glad I called this “Friday’s Fab Finds,” because it means I can do a Black Friday edition!  Exciting, right?  Up first: a couple of fabulous stores are having a couple of fabulous sales:

Wedding Atelier is having a Black Friday Sample Sale – Many Famous Designer gowns will be 40%-70% Off!  Prices start at $495, and you don’t even have to make an appointment!  You can call the store with questions: (646) 638-3263.  Location: 103 Fifth Ave 2nd Fl, NY, NY 10003.  For the special coupon, visit Citysearch.

One of my favorite stores for bridal and high fashion, Pronovias, is having a ONE DAY ONLY sale on select cocktail gowns at their flagship store, located at 14 E 52nd St., NY, NY (212) 897-6393.  I highly recommend checking this out; discounts are up to 75% off.  Book your appointment!

And now, for your Etsy fix… (get ready – Black Friday means SAVINGS in the world of Etsy!)

I searched far and wide for the most beautiful, amazing, adorable, elegant and delicious discounted details available.  And I just have to say one thing about it: sometimes, I like what I’ve found SO MUCH that it’s kind of extremely hard to resist buying it all for myself, too.  Still resisting the urge… so please, wish me luck.

Anyway, I hope you find these delightfully discounted details as desirable as I do!

(Note: hover over the images for their shop names and descriptions.)

GemJunkie on Etsy - 4 Vintage Inspired Pendants for Necklaces half price

GemJunkie on Etsy - 4 Vintage Inspired Pendants for Necklaces half price - back

EllaScottJewels on Etsy - Lilac Ring in Copper Filigree Black Friday - Cyber Monday Special

HeartNSole on Etsy - Yvette Rhinestone Hair Flower - BLACK FRIDAY FREE SHIPPING

HeartNSole on Etsy - Yvette Rhinestone Hair Flower - BLACK FRIDAY FREE SHIPPING updo

kgarnerdesigns on Etsy - Diamante Earrings - Swarovski Rhinestone Crystal on Sterling Silver wires

jewelryvine on Etsy - Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale - adore earrings

tomatomade on Etsy - BLACK FRIDAY SALE - connor cufflinks in vintage map custom location with gift box

MelroseFields on Etsy - Scented Silk Arrangement - White Pom Pom Flowers in Silver Vase

TheHomeCentric on Etsy - Decorative Pillow Covers Cushion Covers Curtains.png

kgarnerdesigns on Etsy - Love Song - Coin Pearl and Sterling Silver Necklace with antiqued Bird Charm

bridalbyalyson on Etsy - Small Hand Hammered Sterling Hoops with Wire Wrapped Rice Freshwater Pearls

trudiedavies on Etsy - Unique handmade Jewelry for all Occasions

luecosmetics on Etsy - Eye Shadow Choose your shade

trudiedavies on Etsy - Sterling silver bangle that can be personalized with the inscription of your choice

HoneyPotBelly on Etsy - Super Wknd Holiday Sale--Beautiful Vintage Lace Southern Belle Wedding Dress closeup

HoneyPotBelly on Etsy - Super Wknd Holiday Sale--Beautiful Vintage Lace Southern Belle Wedding Dress

kgarnerdesigns on Etsy - On the Vine Earrings - Swarovski Crystal on Pewter and Gold Fill

DancingPen on Etsy - SALE Place Cards with Hand Calligraphy

TheLoudLion on Etsy - PoshBerry Single Baby Bangle - Sterling Silver



TabbyCat13 on Etsy - Black Friday Sale Custom Wedding Cake Cookies

DolceVitaMia on Etsy - SALE Burgandy Ranunculus with golden center on an Ivory Headband

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Etsy Wedding-Worthy Spotlight: BowerbirdInc’s Sequined Headbands and My Favorite White Clutch of the Week!

About to be featured in the November 20, 2009 Friday’s Fab Finds (yeah, shh, don’t tell anybody), this shop showcases a number of lovely accessories that could be perfect for your wedding.  Check out, for example, their fabulous little sequined headbands, available in white and black styles, and just look at that precious white clutch.  Like I said, it’s the cutest white clutch I’ve seen all week.  How PERFECT for you or for your bridesmaids?!!!

Like what you see?  Go ahead, click here if you’d like to flap your wings over to BowerbirdInc’s Etsy shop to take a look at the rest of what they offer.

1 BowerbirdInc - close up of bow

3 BowerbirdInc - CLOSE UP of Sasha medium beaded bow headband in black

Do I love this?

BowerbirdInc - Lucia mini pleated clutch with silk and pearl bridal bloom


BowerbirdInc - Lucia mini pleated clutch with silk and pearl bridal bloom top

And how precious, how darling, is this:

2 BowerbirdInc - Katie beaded and sequined mutli colour bow headband

Too precious!

4 BowerbirdInc - Penny small beaded bow headband in black

As is this one:

5 BowerbirdInc - Chloe beaded headband in silver on ivory with ribbon detail

And this one:

6 BowerbirdInc - Marietta lace, sequin, and pearl floral headband


7 BowerbirdInc - Sasha medium beaded bow headband in black


8 BowerbirdInc - Tatiana large sequin and beaded headband in clear and silver

Ahhh.  Love.  Keep up the good work, BowerbirdInc!

Love all of this...