PORTUGAL WEDDING WITH SUCCULENTS | … so it’s awesome. Plus: The Day I Realized Everyone Has Seen Me Naked. | By Brancoprata

Honey let me know something moderately horrifying the other day.

“The most interesting thing happened on my way home from the Cleaners just now” he said, gleefully hopping into the bathroom like a child on Christmas morning.   “I could see you while you were showering.”

“See me? my naked body??”

“Well.. {Continue reading…}

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PERSONAL POST + DIY GARLAND | The DIY stellarness part is by Bloggista Andrea of Gray Harper Event Maker. Guess who the way too personal part is by? Go ahead, guess.

Happy Tuesday evening, peoples!  How are you?  Having an ok week so far?  I hope so!  Within this very post, I’ve got two things for your faces: the first is one of my waaay too personal stories that not only serve to remind you of just how weird I am, but also force you to question your own sanity, and why you’re crazy enough to keep visiting this blog.  AND THEN {Continue reading…}

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BLOGGISTAS | Best of Ombre Inspiration: Then and Now and Weddings! | Guest Post by Andrea Gray Harper… plus Bambino Strikes Again.


As we continue to review Bloggista applications (if you haven’t heard from us yet, please don’t fret, it’s taking us LIKE FOREVS to get through them and decide. you kind of all hit us with all of your best shots, rendering it painfully difficult to make quick, easy decisions. which likely means that about five times as many Bloggistas as once planned will actually get a LET’S-DO-THIS from TKB. a good thing?  methinks…)

… Like WHOA.  Tangent in the premiere paragraph, eh Alison?  My affliction is growing worse by the hour.  Here, let me get back on track…

As I was saying, I’m truly overjoyed about this particular Wednesday afternoon, and mind you I’m saying that while trying to survive from inside the thickest and most aggressive cloud of puppy gas ever documented by man.  So, why the transcendant excitement, despite these hardships?  Because today is the day I get to introduce to you our newest Bloggista and DIY Contributor.  Huzzah and mitzvahs!  Her name is Andrea Gray Harper, and she’s the talent behind AGH Event Maker.  And the inspiration she sent me a couple weeks back for her very first introductory post pretty much blew my BRAINS OUT.   {Continue reading…}

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Smörgåsbord | Wedding dresses, wedding shoes, wedding fonts, wedding shoe shots, wedding colors, blah blah blah!

Oh, hello Nelly Script + gorgeous ring triumvirate.  So nice to meet you!

Le sigh… {Continue reading…}

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