I’M PREGNANT… + PRETTY SHEER, LACE DRESSES | Claire Pettibone’s Romantique Collection + No, Seriously, I’m Pushing a Baby Out My Vag Soon. (Even Though My Doctor Wants Me To Have a C-Section.)


Hey everyone!

So Wednesday I went to Claire Pettibone‘s runway show for her new Romantique collection.  I bout died.



But before I get into it– remember this?  Well I want to expand on that news I sort of nonchalantly dropped in the title.  I am like a zillion months pregnant.  Just thought I’d tell you?  Sorry that I’m just now getting up the balls to announce it.  I’m {Continue reading…}

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FASHION + GIRL TALK | 15 Ways Models Are Just Like Us…

View More: http://fatchett.pass.us/knottybride-bridal-market-spring-2013

Every night before I drift off to sleep, I either voluntarily or involuntarily participate in what I call my pre-slumber worryfest.  It’s very simple; instead of sleeping, I worry about shit.   {Continue reading…}

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DEAR TKB: “I Think I Need More Sex Than My Partner… What Do I Do?” PLUS: Royal Baby News (UPDATED) & Would You Wear This Sheer Wedding Dress? | NSFW

Clearly I have a lot to talk about.


Today’s letter for our Dear TKB advice column is the first I’ve received of its kind, but the issue the reader is facing is turning out to be a lot more common than I think we as a culture realize.  Friends of ours have gone through it.  I’ve been through it myself in the past.  Lots of taboo around it but there shouldn’t be!

Obvs. the goal with these posts is to have some real conversation about stuff that’s otherwise difficult to talk about, for some.  I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts and advice, if you have any you’re willing to offer!

Ok now,  {Continue reading…}

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GLITTERY + SUCCULENT STYLED ELOPEMENT | Rustic Plaid Wedding Inspiration by Studio 516 Photography… Plus: How I Feel About That “Vine” App.

^^ what in the F.  this is F-ing gorgeous.  i have ascended into heaven >> {Continue reading…}

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DIY WIN: Glam Hair Bow + Headband, Glitter Optional… By DIY Bloggista Renee!


Happy Thursday afternoon, friends!  So… THIS happened today:

I was minding my own business doing some work earlier, and {Continue reading…}

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Do You Like the ‘Facebook’ Gown? Plus, Jessica’s Fave Mantilla Veils, Juliet Caps and Bridal Head-Gear!

Happy Monday afternoon, babyloves!  Ok, before I share Jessica’s furious search for the perfect thingie to wear on her head when she gets married, I simply HAVE to touch on the wedding of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his longtime love, the gorgeous Dr. Priscilla Chan.  They wed on May 19th in a private backyard ceremony on his estate in Palo Alto, CA – where he lives with his now wife – and the wedding day was actually a surprise to the guests, since they thought they were attending a party to celebrate Priscilla’s graduation…  {Continue reading…}

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The 3 Reasons You Love Ryan Gosling, and the Dresses You Should Wear When You Get Saved By Him.

Oh, is it Friday already?  Wow.  Ok, first things first……. shout out to my pops, whose bday is today.  Happy Birthday, Dad.  I love you like a daughter. ;)  You really are the best.

Ok, so this morning I saw something PRETTY FUTHER MUCKING INCREDIBLE.

{Continue reading…}

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FINDING THE DRESS | “Engaged in December, planning a September wedding… I thought this was completely reasonable.” | By Jessica, Real Bride Bloggista

Happy Monday afternoon, my dears!  It’s good to have you back, tucked safely within my loving embrace.  …. only to be dropkicked without warning into Bloggista Jessica’s loving embrace, for today at least.  But don’t worry; she’s very loving, and being a mother already, she has actual real world experience with loving embraces.  High kick, woot!  You’re in good hands. ;)

{Continue reading…}

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PERSONAL POST | I’ve been avoiding thinking about my wedding. Plus, my personal wedding dress inspiration file.

Happy Thursday, you guys.  This is happening, I’m blogging this.  I can’t help myself.

Very recently, I’ve been avoiding thinking about my wedding.

{Continue reading…}

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WPPI GIVEAWAY | Tickets to Prohibition Rebellion Party*



Happy Thursday afternoon, kiddles!  So you know that story that’s all over the news about that guy who went to The Heart Attack Grill and SPOILER ALERT died of a heart attack, like, SIMULTANE?  Well assuming that’s a recipe for success, I’ll be frequenting Hooters establishments going forward.  Cross your fingers lightening strikes twice!

In other news, annehbuddeh wanna go to a party?  ’Cause I have extra tickets ;)   {Continue reading…}

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{1} GIVEAWAY | $75 Gift Certificate to Use As You Wish over at the My Little Bride shop! :)

Happy Friday afternoon, sweethearts!  Here we are with post number one of two posts I have comin’ atcha faces today.  Do you remember how I hinted in yesterday’s “hey I’m sick pity me” post that I’d have a wee *treat* for you guys this Friday?  Well here it is!  Issa giveaway, SON!

{Continue reading…}

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PERSONAL + SEQUINS | Sequins make everything amazing and hip, no? Then, Bambino vs Sequins FTW.

Happy Thursday evening, lovers.

I wanna start with sequins, because why the hell not, right?  So… don’t you love how sequins can make anything look amazing and hip?

For example, check out this old battery, wearing sequins:

{Continue reading…}

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OH, NICE TO MEET YOU, WEDDING DRESS OF MY WILDEST DREAMS. | Images by André Teixeira of Brancoprata / Jose Villa Workshop, Mexico {PART I}

↑ like WHOA.

Happy Friday afternoon-almost-weekend you guys!  I sorries; I knowww it’s late even for me :) but most of today was spent working on some projects/some upcoming news of the personal variety – that yes, of course I’m going to share with you soon – and the remaining time was weirdly spent editing shots I took at a recent Vera Wang event because I feel bad I haven’t freaking SHAAARED them with you yet, jeez, but I promise they are coming, I promise promise promise.  Ok anyway I really wanna hear your deepest, darkest thoughts on the following, so here we go…

I think I’m telling a lot of people’s stories when I say this… so tell me if you’ve experienced this, too:

{Continue reading…}

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CYBER MONDAY DEALS FROM OUR SPONSORS | Hope you’re looking for smart, chic ways to spend your cyber money. Because they’re real, and they’re spectacular.

OMFG DO YOU HAVE ANY MONEY LEFT??!!  Because I’m hearing through the grapevine (read: news) that people are fully occupying Cyber Monday with the entire contents of their wallets.  But the important question is: are you getting a good deal?  I hope you’re not dropping your Benjamins on that lawn mower you started eying on Friday for the first time ever because it was going to be 50% off.  Because you live in the city, Alison.  You don’t NEEEEEED a riding lawn mower.  Especially not if you’re going to have to pay Manhattan Storage a monthly fee to store it until you move to the suburbs.  Which if you have your way, won’t be happening for at least 25 more years.

{Continue reading…}

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DIY BLOGGISTAS! | Chic + Pretty DIY Clutches for Your Bridesmaids + Free Template | by Danielle of DSMeeBee

{Update: scroll to bottom to find out our Make Believe’N giveaway winner!}

Happy afternoon, my love muffins!  Summer seems to have arrived slightly late, since it’s like, what – OCTOBER right now?  (WOW.  I need to put the petal to the metal on Halloween costumes for Bam.  We were thinking *bunny* but that wouldn’t require a costume…)  But you don’t hear me complaining, because it’s the perfect temperature right now for outdoor lovemaking, clothing optional.  I mean, if you were wondering what parameters I use to judge perfect weather.  It’s those.  Perfect weather is all about the choice to wear whatevs you want to wear.  And I could walk outside in longs and longs, or in my [STOP READING HERE IF YOU ARE MY FAMILY] {Continue reading…}

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DRESS WINS vs DRESS FAILS + DEAR TKB: My Sister’s “Fiance” Is Pissing Me the Eff Off. | Plus, A Severe Ice Cream Styling Fail & Bambino’s Glamour Shot Is a 4 at Best.

Hello there, my pretties.  It’s a lovely Wednesday evening, a little before 8pm in nyc, and after proofing her post, mama’s pretty sure she’s gonna need to start things off with a fair warning:

This is quite likely the most insane out of hand post I might have ever written.  And I’ve written like 600 posts.  Just know that the tone was set by today’s reader question, so do blame her.  Or don’t.  Just don’t say I didn’t warn you about the weirdness that lurks beneath this preface.  Also keep in mind that I had some paranormal television channel action going on in the background, completely without knowing it.  It’s really pretty naive to think that it didn’t have an impact on the prose ahead of you.  Anyway, just, I dunno, read with caution, and your anti-anxiety pills at the ready maybe.  ENGAGE THE WEIRD IN FIVE, FOUR, THREE, silent two, silent one…   {Continue reading…}

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WHEN A WEDDING IS CALLED OFF | Editor’s Notes on Love & Relationships | Planning Your Wedding Is Not >= Cultivating Your Love.

Well well well… would ya take a look at that.  It’s Wednesday evening already.  8PM EST, to be exact.  Yep, that’s what happens when… well, you’ll see in a second.  So yeah, other than teaching our inbox a hell of a lesson today, guess what we’ve been occupied with for MOST OF THIS MORNING AND AFTERNOON?  {Continue reading…}

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OH, HELLO PRETTIEST DRESSES IN THE WORLD… it’s so nice to meet you! | The wedding & bmaid dresses I’m crushing on, HARD-STYLE. + Bam makes friends, OBVS.

Happy Monday afternoon, darlings!  Did you guys enjoy your weekends?  I sure hope so.  For us, this weekend was chock-full of family time, so it was busy busy busy.  My niece and nephew along with their mommy and daddy (my sister/brother-in-law), plus my kick-ass big brother (not to be confused with my beloved even-though-he’s-25-years-old-I-still-wanna-consider-myself-his-other-mother little brother) are all in town on the homestead out in the country, and it’s been too, too long since the last time we’ve all been hunked together in one reuniony situation thingie.  We do it every year or so, sometimes twice if we’re lucky, but still, it feels like too much time passes every time.  Anyway, even MORE exciting, the littles (niece is seven; nephew is four) got to meet THE BAM.  And, naturally, maximum adorableness and good times followed, complete with jumping and happy yelling on both parts (babes and dogs).  I’ll be slapping a wee little taste of the fun at the bottom of today’s post.  But first…


I would like each and every dress below to report to my closet immediately.  Please and thank you. {Continue reading…}

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GOLD, GLITZY & GLAMOROUS GIFTS OF LOVE | There are meaningful moments and presents in every relationship. What’s your story… and will it be in your wedding?


First things first, because I can always rely on my parents to text me things that are equal parts wholly out of context and unintentionally hilarious… {Continue reading…}

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CELEBRITY DRESS INSPIRATION | Blake Lively + Chanel | Are these looks wedding appropriate + Who wore it better?

Ok, SO it’s approximately 4:30pm EST and, as I sit here eating half a cinnabun from last week (I really need to go shopping), I’m feeling pretty high-spirited, because I’m quite sure I have some really solid evidence that those supposed Blake Lively nakey photos leaked to the internets were not real.  And I’m basing my entire argument upon one specific dress choice… {Continue reading…}

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METALLIC GOLD NEON CHIC + FAMILY ISSUES SERIES | The *Only Way* to Rock a Hot Pink, Gold, Mint, Cream Wedding. Also, McPuppyPants… and I’m a little in shock.

Like WHOA.  You guys, I’m sitting in my chair, with Bambino wanting ups, me ignoring his repeated requests for ups, and Bambino releasing aggressive fart bombs immediately beneath me in retribution.  Why am I unable to enjoy his sweet, adorable overtures?  Because I’m still in awe over what just happened.  And that’s saying A LOT, because his sweet overtures look a-something a-like a-this: {Continue reading…}

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GLITZY GLAMOROUS DRESS LOVE | If Elie Saab Makes It, Apparently I Covet It. Plus, Mr. McPuppyPants.

Happy Monday, darlings!  How are you doing?  Have a good weekend?  I hope you did because mine was SUPER WEIRD.  Nothing a few pretty dresses can’t fix though, amirite?  I am, I am right.  I think you know it.  Because it’s AMAZING what pretty dresses can do to perk up a weird day.  Surely I’m not alone in this thinking, eh?  :)

Ok, so here’s the thing: I’m a little lost for words today, and I don’t know why that is.  Ok, well I sorta do know why that is, and it has everything to do with the fact that neither of us got much sleep last night.  And here’s why… {Continue reading…}

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