¡OMG! THESE DRESSES + DEAR TKB “Do we have to invite *THEM* to our wedding?” [Bridal Market Coverage]

Happiest of Monday afternoons to you all!  This week is going to rule the school and sit at the popular kids’ table and get free cookies from the lunch lady just for being nice looking because I’ve got such coolness in store you don’t even KNOW.  Giveaway KILLERNESS, wedding KILLERNESS, Vera Wang KILLERNESS.  Just lots of stuff that for me falls under the title of killerness.  (It was enough already with the ALLCAPS.)  Ok but first off, did any of you catch the Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey interview, where Babs Walters ask Mariah if her husband Nick Cannon can be trusted, and Mariah went, “… sometimeshe’s a MAAAN, Barbara.”

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DRESS WINS vs DRESS FAILS + DEAR TKB: My Sister’s “Fiance” Is Pissing Me the Eff Off. | Plus, A Severe Ice Cream Styling Fail & Bambino’s Glamour Shot Is a 4 at Best.

Hello there, my pretties.  It’s a lovely Wednesday evening, a little before 8pm in nyc, and after proofing her post, mama’s pretty sure she’s gonna need to start things off with a fair warning:

This is quite likely the most insane out of hand post I might have ever written.  And I’ve written like 600 posts.  Just know that the tone was set by today’s reader question, so do blame her.  Or don’t.  Just don’t say I didn’t warn you about the weirdness that lurks beneath this preface.  Also keep in mind that I had some paranormal television channel action going on in the background, completely without knowing it.  It’s really pretty naive to think that it didn’t have an impact on the prose ahead of you.  Anyway, just, I dunno, read with caution, and your anti-anxiety pills at the ready maybe.  ENGAGE THE WEIRD IN FIVE, FOUR, THREE, silent two, silent one…   {Continue reading…}

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SHORT DRESS LOVE + DEAR TKB: “I want to wear a shortish dress for my wedding. Good idea or bad idea? And any favorites this season?”

Sometimes Starbucks coffee is a bit bitter, but sometimes Starbucks coffee is the liquified embodiment of the moment of creation/discovery of the essence of all that is bitter in this cold, unforgiving world by the esteemed inventor of bitterness himself, Sir Bitter McBiddingston, IV, Esq.

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I ADORE THIS | Ruffled DIY Ice Cream Piñata + Marchesa fresh off the runway… guess which ONE I like, of the entire line?

Happy Monday, bubalas!  Did ya miss me?  Awww, I’m assuming that was a collective yes from all of you, so I’m blushing.  By the way, OMGILOVETHISDIYICECREAMPIÑATASOMUCH.

But first, here are a couple of *interesting* dresses by Marchesa from my town’s recent runway shows.  {Continue reading…}

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ROCKSTAR WEDDING DRESSES | … do you have the balls? | Also, my aaaaallergies.

Monique Lhuillier said something very, very special about her Spring 2011 RTW line a few days ago…

“We have the angelic side, and the naughty side.”

Naturally, the naughty side shall be featured here.  Where else?  (;

But first let’s talk about my face for a minute here before we get too deep into any wedding shenanigans. {Continue reading…}

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