THANKSGIVING TIPS WHILE VISITING FAMILY + AN UPDATE | While we’re getting the little bits and pieces ready for you, here’s a fun little post…


While we plug away on the back-end, uploading Vendor Love member pages, answering eleventy million emails and generally setting up/configuring little details that otherwise haven’t yet been completely set up or configured, I just wanted to key you in on some things, afternoon-post-style

Thing 1: Tomorrow is Wednesday.  For the vast majority of you, your work week is almost complete!  Get ready to pack what I am going to assume is your totally authentic smile, and remember to put it on when you see your immediate and/or extended family!  (My smile will indeed be authentic; will yours?)

Brides and grooms ~ get ready to be asked a gazillion questions about your wedding.  Have fun with it.  If it starts to get annoying, make a game out of it.  Give crazy answers like, “We’re getting married in a pool; Aunt Maggie and Mom, the attire is strictly bathing suits, NO EXCEPTIONS.”

Or, if your family is very controlling and/or insane, “we’re eloping” is guaranteed to make for a lively conversation after which injury or death is possible.  Proceed with caution.

Thing 2: Thanksgiving is Thursday.  If you don’t have the day off, let me know your boss’ phone number so that I may call AND BERATE HIM/HER. {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...