Looks like it’s that time of the year again…

So it’s that time of year again, known these days as any time of the year.  When a populated area of the world is rendered suddenly dangerous and uninhabitable due to extreme weather.


Somewhere a mayor fights for his right to do lines while officially running a city.

Somewhere women are fighting while sitting on couches wearing (hideous) couture.

for-philippines-with-love-blog (1)

Somewhere a young superstar is arguing the point that nudity and sexually suggestive gesturing on stage at a music show for teenagers is feminist.  And she really believes this.

And somewhere in the Philippines, people just lost everything.

But the first three I mentioned have gotten a much bigger chunk of airtime in comparison to the last.  Which is weird right?


Sometimes my dog is like, “I’m gonna shit in your kitchen.”  That is something that pisses me off.  But then I remember I have a kitchen, and I calm down.

Dude we are so lucky!

We have a kitchen.  We have a grocery store stocked with food and water, too, pretty much at all times.  (Though it does close at midnight which gets annoying since cravings usually hit around 1am.)

Point is I didn’t just have my house and community literally ripped from under me by harsh winds and torrential downpour.

So what I’m getting at is,


It’s lovely to pray but praying doesn’t put food on the table.

It’s lovely to tweet thoughts of love, and send your good vibes to areas of the world via the internet but none of that rebuilds infrastructure.

It’s lovely to do any of those things, of course, and I encourage the continued doing of them, but obviously it’s most helpful to donate hard-earned money.  Whatever little or lot you can, as I’m really into – and I’d like to bet you are too – actually doing things that change lives tangibly, especially when I can do it by passively clicking some buttons on my computer screen and then getting back to watching those women word-murder each other in prom dresses (<–this is my personal shame).

The best reward is knowing your money will have real impact on the place you want it to, imo.  You feel me?

You can donate here.

Thanks to For Philippines With Love for getting this off the ground in coordination with the world-changing Shelterbox.

Here is the hashtag for this awesome fundraising effort: #ForPIWithLoveFromMe



Love all of this...