FREE WEDDING PRINTABLE | *Editable* Save the Date Download by Kate of Ruby & Willow!

Hello lovely readers… I was so happy when Alison asked me to do a guest post here, since she really is hands down one of the funniest bloggers in town… I come here not only for inspiration but to up my daily giggle quota!!  Today I’m sharing with you a ‘hot off the press’ new release invitation design {Continue reading…}

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{#2} Part II: SUNSET DESSERT | Homemade Americana V-Day Inspiration + Free Printables by Couture Events

So, it’s time for our second Valentine’s Day feature, you guys.  And you’re in for a treat.  Well, more like several treats.  Actually, more like several free treats, you can keep!  {Continue reading…}

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Part I: FRENCH ELEGANCE | Homemade Valentine’s Day Inspiration + Free Printable Suite by Couture Events {Gift tags, love flags, place cards, love poems, blank menus…}

Have I told you, Valentine,

That I’m all wrapped up in you?

{Continue reading…}

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{#1} FREE PRINTABLE + GIVEAWAY! | Valentine’s Day meets Nelly Script | Here’s a little something special in our favoritest font ever… from Blush Printables, to us, to you…

PLEASE NOTE: This contest is now closed.

Ok, I have to be honest with you… today’s going to be awesome.  It just will be.  Trust.  We’re already kicking things off with a giveaway AND a free printable, and this isn’t even the only post for today.  We’ve got a feature coming up very shortly after this one that’s going to blow your motherloving head clear off of your shoulders.  Just sayin’.  Anywho, getting to the matter at hand…

↑ One lucky Knotty reader will win that Valentine’s Day design above, which means you can put whatever photo you want on it, sign it with YOUR NAME, and have as many printed as you damn well please…

… AND, in the meantime, ALL OF YOU can print out these {Continue reading…}

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FREE PRINTABLE | Table numbers and mini flags to pump up the romantic, stylish vibe of your wedding day!

We’re kinda snowed in right now, but I couldn’t care less because a) gosh is it gorgeous outside, b) the nefarious snowmonster from the last snowfall has transformed into one of my favorite lovable philosophers, Confucius:

{Continue reading…}

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PRINTABLE FREEBIE | Celebrate in style with free place cards for NYE! {Print, fold & go! Multiple colors!}

Here’s the first thing my little niece said when she got downstairs this morning: {Continue reading…}

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FRIDAY’S FAB FINDS™ | Sept 10 | STDs, a succulent kitten (YUP), ruffled linens, DIY love letters, white wedding, cake alts, new “first look” idea…

Hey!  Happy Friday, peoples!  How’s everybody doing today?

Ok so I realized something on Thursday. {Continue reading…}

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FRIDAY’S FAB FINDS™ | JUNE 25 | I Need These Dresses, Perfect Wedding Heels, Free Printable Save the Daves, Lingerie, Badgley Mischka, a Mod Wedding, Music, & Next Week!

↑ Love, right?  Deets to follow ↑

Happy Friday, my good friends!  I hope you’re havin’ a good one so far.  Me?  Well, this week was three parts hella-busy and one part I-had-no-free-time, but also one part I-fell-in-love-with-a-new-site called “Stereomood.”  If you loooove music but you haaaaate a) having to arrange mixes that’ll fit your mood and b) having to wade through the muck only to hit your skip limit on Pandora too soon, then you’re gonna love this find.  (It’s that favorite one I mentioned yesterday.  This thing is on like all the time for me.  I lovingly refer to it as my life soundtrack.  Btw, currently obsessing over the “it’s raining” playlist.)

In other news, I’m just psyched beyond all recognition to show you the Finds I have for you today.  But first, quick recap: as most of you know, I’m going to be away for the better part of next week (if you have no idea what I’m talking about, click here).   {Continue reading…}

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FRIDAY’S FAB FINDS | June 11 | Part II ~ printable phonograph table numbers

If you haven’t seen Lizzie’s blog $10,000 Wedding, I suggest you check it out.  Not only because I like her and that that means you might like her, but because in her downtime she makes things like phonograph table number templates.

… Which, by the way, rule the school and all its inhabitants.  While obviously not perfect for everybody, I know that right now there are quite a few of you who just gasped, leaped from your seat and did Homer’s happy dance on the floor.  Because these printable table numbers are soooooo incredibly perfect for your rock and roll/music-related theme.  Can’t you just taste how perfect they are for your theme, if it’s the aforementioned?  Can’t you?  Thank you, Lizzie, for these hot mamas.

Find Number 3 up next!  Ooohhh I’m lovin’ this…

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FREE PRINTABLE LOVE | for the love of hearts & bunting! | DIY Invitations for Your Wedding or Party, from Haley Dolan

Let me preface this post by assuring you that your Vera Wang fix is on its way.  However, I felt compelled to bring you a lil freebie love before we get into it… hope you like!

Something about these playful prints from Haley Dolan of Bread of Many makes me want to have a party RIGHT NOW.

You know what’s great about these (and most) free printable invitation suites?  They’re blank, so you can have your way with them.  And by that, I mean you can use them for any party or occasion that tickles your fancy.  (I’m trying to get used to that phrase, but it just keeps sounding more and more dirty and lascivious.  Just me?)

Now, think for a minute about the tone you’d like to set for your wedding.  If a simple, laid-back, intimate affair, with a focus on good ol’ fashioned fun is a good way of describing your thoughts, well then I’d love to come (no, seriously, I’d love to come)… but, perhaps more importantly, I’d say that this invitation suite is likely a great fit for your big day.

Did I mention it comes in three colorways?  Yeah, I know.

Okay, seriously.  Is that not the cutest thing you’ve seen today?  (Not counting puppies and kittens.  I understand there’s no beating puppies and kittens.  An invitation can’t do this.)  I’d be planning my 6-year-old niece’s birthday party at this very moment with these invitations setting the theme, if only she didn’t live all the way across the country in Ahbucookie, New Mexico, as my 3-year-old nephew likes to call it.  Maybe I’ll just have to visit her come March so this dream can come true. … I mean, so that I can celebrate her special day with her.  Because that’s what’s important to me.  ;)

By the way, I couldn’t think of two better font matches for these invites than those suggested by the lovely ladies of Nonpareil Magazine, which is where I found this printable loveliness.  These, too, are brought to us by Haley Dolan, and are available over at FontSpace!



Dying to get started on this?  Sick of hearing what I have to say about it?  Go ahead and download the free printables here.  And as for the free fonts, you can click here for Shirtsy, and here for Romantique.  Have a ball!

{ Image credits: 1-3, 4, 5 }

Note: You will need Adobe Reader in order to download/view PDF files. Download it here for free from Adobe.

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