[DIYS FOR THE DISCERNING PROCRASTINATOR] You have my permission to wait until the last minute to do this. | By DIY Bloggista Renee

Oh hey you guys, Alison here.  Happy Thursday afternoon :)  So how’s it hangin’? (<== see what I did there)

I know everybody’s thinking it, and yes, there was probably a better-suited song lyric somewhere out there for that intro picture, but screw it.  We’re here now, and there’s no need to reminisce about what was, and what could have been.

Onwards!  One of TKB’s fabulous and fresh-faced DIY contributors, Renee Hong, is back… so cover your eyes if you’re allergic to awesome.  She’s really MacGyver’ing it up today, sharing a brand new DIY that even the kind of person who, if trying out for ABC’s The Bachelor, would answer *Most DIY projects* on Question 4 of the casting questionnaire, “How would you describe your deepest fear (so that we can put you on a date engaged in it under the scrutinizing eye of the public)?”  So there’s that.

Oh, hey Bam I didn’t see you there.   {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...

DEAR TKB: “He Wants to Invite His Ex-Girlfriend to Our Wedding.” | Plus, three of my FAVE things to use in a shoot.

two of my fave things are in these photos, but can you guess what the third is?  it’s not revealed up there…

Hey lovies!  Three – count ‘em, three! – photographer friends recently asked me to make sure I include some Bambino in their features, so I’m telling you, if you’ve been suffering without your Bam fix a bit, relax, he’s back.  I do want to warn you, though, that Bambino is en fuego today in aisle 4 of the Adorable Department.  He’s not performing as well in the {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...