GIRL TALK + SORTA NSFW | I need to talk about our vaginas for a minute…


I found out about a tumblr site recently; the site is *VERY GRAPHICALLY* devoted to your itty bitty kitty.  Specifically– loving the one you’re with.   {Continue reading…}

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“Dear TKB: Help! My sister is about to marry a man she’s never kissed!” | Plus: OMFG, THESE DRESSES.


So the concerned half-sister of a virgin bride wrote in recently for advice, and I’ve made her question the focus of today’s post.  It prompts the broader question for today:  Do you think it’s important to have sex with your partner before marrying that partner? 

As usual, {Continue reading…}

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GIRL TALK | The Secret to Desire in a Long-Term Relationship

Ok. If you’ve ever wondered about how marriage and the having of children impact a couple’s sex life — or if you’re there right now and you’re feeling desperate for some real world advice — consider today’s post required reading.

I am not kidding around. {Continue reading…}

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GIRL TALK | If I Wait Another Second, I Won’t Publish This Post On Rape. *clicks Publish* *runs away*

Guys I need to talk about rape for a minute, sorry.  If you don’t want to hear it I honestly won’t mind, I get that many visit here for one part honest talk, four parts pretties and laughter, and I respect that.  It’s just if I don’t cleveland steamer this thing onto the internet’s chest I am going to start jamming a remote up my ass.  Or worse, this.

I couldn’t figure out how to start this post, so I took a {Continue reading…}

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GIRL TALK: I can’t wait to have a baby/potentially lose everything I hold dear aside from that baby.

Ah, babies.

Aren’t they the worst?  Jk, jk, I love babies, I do.  They smell like warm pancakes on a crisp November morning while sitting in a room full of babies.

Oo did you hear?  Kate Middleton’s having one.  I heard she’s so excited she can’t stop throwing up.  Every morning.

Recently another friend of ours announced she was pregnant – I can’t wait to touch her baby.  I know that sounds weird but I look forward to handling her baby constantly.  So yeah– that makes approximately everyone we know, is pregnant.  Or is pregnant and already has children.

No pressure.

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GIRL TALK: The Single Most Essential Behavior to a Lasting Relationship. Do You Do It? PLUS: A DIY Rustic Vintage Teacup Wedding by Honey Honey, & LOL News Fit to Blog.

OMFGYOUGUYSTHISWEDDING.  <== no seriously this time.

But first, I have a little story for you {Continue reading…}

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GIRL TALK | Open Marriage: Good Idea or Bad Idea? PLUS: A Rustic Outdoor Wedding, & Way Too Many Puppy Pics.

So I turned on the television yesterday, and that Survivor host guy Jeff Probst’s new talk show came on, because talk shows are the new book deal and book deals are the new fake tan (everybody’s got one).  They were coming up on a segment about “open marriage.”

I like to call this segment, SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH.     {Continue reading…}

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GIRL TALK + WINNERS | Appy Couple Custom Designs + Princess Kate’s Royal TenenBoobs and Me: My (Embarrassing) Personal Story.

Happy late evening, bubbuhbears!  I just called you guys what we call Bambino, AWWWWWW.  I think that means I love you.

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THIS JUST IN: Most Women Are Still Lying to Men. About Everything From Interest to Orgasms. But Why?

Happy Saturday morning, you guys.  Weekend post comin’ atcha FACE.  High kick, woot!

But first, a light warning…

This post centers around an adult-only topic, so I need you to pull out your Serious Helmet and slide it onto your Noodle whoa whoa whoa WHOA.  …Did that just sound like I was talking about penises, or did that just sound like I was talking about penises.  Wait a second, is it ‘penises?’  Seems weird but I’m coming off of 5 hours sleep— penes, maybe?  Peonies.  Okay……. you know what, I’m sorry.  I’m sorry.

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GIRL TALK: The Things They Don’t Tell You About Living Together. | By Bloggista Cassie, of Meet Mrs. B!

Friends, loved ones, enemies, lurkers, pen pals, and guy in my area whose Wi-Fi network is called ‘THAT Uncle,’ I welcome all of you here on this lovely Wednesday afternoonish/eveningish.  Please, steep thy tea, or brew thy coffee, or slap thy Nicorette patch ontoeth thy shoulder… whatever your poison, sit back, sip it/drink it/absorb it into your skin and stay a while, because we’ve got to address something today.        {Continue reading…}

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REAL LIFE ISSUES | After the Wedding: “A Case of Name Change Hysteria…” by Knotty Bloggista Libby, of Follow the Wife

Hi everyone!

A big thanks to Alison for having me back. I’m so excited. In fact, I’m still reeling from the excitement of my last visit. I had no idea that so many of you would relate to my pre-wedding stomach bug and leave such sweet comments. Alison is right about you guys. You’re all rad.

Today I have another story for you. {Continue reading…}

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