The 3 Reasons You Love Ryan Gosling, and the Dresses You Should Wear When You Get Saved By Him.

Oh, is it Friday already?  Wow.  Ok, first things first……. shout out to my pops, whose bday is today.  Happy Birthday, Dad.  I love you like a daughter. ;)  You really are the best.

Ok, so this morning I saw something PRETTY FUTHER MUCKING INCREDIBLE.

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Love all of this...

GLITZY GLAMOROUS DRESS LOVE | If Elie Saab Makes It, Apparently I Covet It. Plus, Mr. McPuppyPants.

Happy Monday, darlings!  How are you doing?  Have a good weekend?  I hope you did because mine was SUPER WEIRD.  Nothing a few pretty dresses can’t fix though, amirite?  I am, I am right.  I think you know it.  Because it’s AMAZING what pretty dresses can do to perk up a weird day.  Surely I’m not alone in this thinking, eh?  :)

Ok, so here’s the thing: I’m a little lost for words today, and I don’t know why that is.  Ok, well I sorta do know why that is, and it has everything to do with the fact that neither of us got much sleep last night.  And here’s why… {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...