INSPIRATION BOARD | Pastel Color Palette: Pink + Green + Blue + Beige

Not only do I love Paris, too, but I think this board displays a heavenly mix of pink, green, blue and beige pastels, perfect for a Spring or Summer wedding.  If you’re daring enough to go THAT girlie, that is.  ;)

1. Untitled, 2. Daisy Dance, 3. gravity release me …, 4. “Nature never repeats herself, and the possibilities of one human soul will never be found in another.”, 5. Spring Cleaning ♥, 6. Pastel Roses, 7. Thinking of England, 8. Untitled, 9. Untitled, 10. ruffles, 11. Untitled, 12. “Love of beauty is Taste…, 13. Untitled

Board created by: Niki :D

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EASTER at my home | Those were the days…

JEEZ, it was a nice day here, yesterday!  Went for the most amazing walk.  Want to know why it was amazing?  Because of the unusually wonderful weather.  You see, it was so unique, this weather, that the walk was delightful simply because of the fact that I was cherishing this recently rare weather.

I need to leave New York.

(Moving on…)

My Mom was a bit of a crafter on the side when we were tots.  It’s how we spent our free time together.  And it also meant I had the best parties.  (My friends still talk about the t-shirts my mom helped us make on one of my birthdays.  I love those kinds of memories.)  Anyway, my Mom LOVED Easter; tiptoeing into our rooms at night to deliver to the foot of our beds the most beautiful pastel-colored baskets, filled to the brim with fuzzy bunnies, painted eggs and delicious treats (Cadbury Mini Eggs are my macaroni and cheese) was such a delight for her, just like it is for most mommies out there.  I’m sure she loved it for the same reason I love giving people gifts.  It’s fun to make people feel awesome.  And I felt awesome, little six, and seven, and eight-year-old me, when I awoke to a basket of happiness on Easter morning.  Ooohh the delight I felt.  No words.

Now that I’m a blogger, I thank my lucky stars that she accumulated some really pretty stuff as a result of our fairly regular and extremely fun visits to Lillian Vernon.  It’s weird; she is SO not that person – people who know my mother would never put down “into arts & crafts” if asked to list her 100 favorite things.  But we all have our little hobbies, don’t we.  Yes we do.  And my Mom’s was making things with me.  And for that I am forever grateful.

Here’s one of our projects, and some other tchotchkes, from AGES ago.  AGES. She should work for the Museum of Natural History, the way she preserves things.  I kid you not; these are at least 15 years old.


  • hollowed out egg shells
  • colored construction paper
  • a hole puncher
  • glue
  • a delicate hand and a lot of patience

I won’t insult you with directions.  It’s pretty straightforward.

Bunny was getting too close to the camera.

Man down!

This kept happening, so I just went with it.  It’s pretty cute, so why not.  In fact, I think I prefer his tush to his face.

Hope you liked this.  Have a great Easter weekend, everybody!!!

Talk to the keister, because we’re off to Easter.  BWAAAHAHAHAH.  (I know, I’m sorry, I HAD to do it.)

Final Thoughts:

I can’t wait for some stuffed cabbage this weekend.  I know that sounds gross.  But you really can’t knock it ’til you try it.  Some of you know what I’m talkin’ ’bout.  Oooooh yeeeaaaahh.

Oh, and by the way, who HATES Jill from Real Housewives?  That woman is detestable to the fullest.  I mean, Bethenny’s no angel, but Jill’s got a little something called narcissistic personality disorder, and it isn’t pretty.

Ok, happy weekend! ;)

xoxo, Alison

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FRIDAY’S FAB FINDS ♡ bunny love ♡ Vintage Labels, Delectable Treats, a Bunny Cozy, Easter Projects and Free Printables for Easter Weekend!

First up, here’s a cute bunny.

He’s just an adorable little reminder that Easter fast approaches!  It’s THIS Sunday, April 4, as if you didn’t know.  I love Easter, for myriad reasons… the main one is coming up in the next post, today.  But a huge reason I love it is because, every year, we celebrate by heading out to my Aunt and Uncle’s house, and eating ham and turkey and sweet potatoes and carrot cake (or pudding, maybe?) and all that other fare synonymous with Easter… as well as with Christmas and Thanksgiving.  (It’s interesting how all those holidays sort of share the same meal.  Why change up a good thing, I guess.  Though it’s not that good.  Though I’ve never had a food dream – which seems odd now that I’m writing it out – I feel confident that it wouldn’t involve turkey and ham.)

Next find is from yvestown: an Easter bunny cozy!  I have much love for this.

Country Living has got me spinning over these precious little pictures and projects.  Behold!

I am adoring the heck out of these vintage Easter labels from Suzee Que.  She’s constantly uploading such fun and lovely labels.  It’s always a thrill to check in and see what she’s got.  In fact, I’ve got a post involving her labels coming up in the very near future that I KNOW, absolutely KNOW, you’re gonna go apes*** over.

Check out these super cute free printable egg wrappers and Easter egg hunt cards, from Two Brunettes!!!

And, finally, Mowielicious brings us home with some of the most delicious looking things I think I’ve ever seen.  Though, I should disclose that Cadbury Mini Eggs and macarons are kind of my favorite things going in this world, edible wise.


I’m a little post-happy, today.  More coming your way, in a bit.  It’s the one I referenced in this morning’s post.  Talk to you soon!  Hope you guys are having a fabulous Friday!

xoxo, Alison

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PARTY PALETTE LOVE | apples, milk cartons and composition books | Guess the shower theme? *Duh*

Breaking the hell away from Easter for a second, here.  (I didn’t think it was possible to be on pastel overload.  But here we are.)


I discovered this totally not too cool for school baby shower over on Amy Atlas‘ blog, Sweet Designs.  The photographs are by Whitney Smith Photography.  This is so awesome, I can’t even tell you.  It was created by friends of the mother-to-be, one Mrs. Emily Moulton, and it is TOO PRECIOUS.  I’ve gotta say, I love the color scheme most of all.  And it’s the first (and last) time I’m gonna say that I am loving me some Diet Coke cans right now!

In Amy’s words:

“The shower included lots of cute details including a chalkboard menu, lunch-sack sandwiches, cafeteria lunch trays, a composition guest book, milk and cookies, and pb&j bars. Whitney and Britney even arranged for Mrs. Moulton’s students to write advice for the mom-to-be {such a cute idea!}”

Those look exactly like the Mrs. Fields cookies I used to love in high school.  Brings me back.  To eating too many Mrs. Fields cookies at lunchtime.

Just a couple more good reasons why it’s smart to stock up on cute ceramic cake stands.

Little brown paper lunch bags are my FAVORITE thing.

Ok, coming up next, a post about my childhood, complete with pictures.  And that pastel thing I worked to avoid here will return IN FULL FORCE.  I just needed to detox for a little bit.  Alright, talk to you soon!

xoxo, Alison

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EASTER {… well, egg-related} | Put some PANTS on!

I could try and write something witty here, but I kinda love the blurb they had on I Heart Luxe, where I discovered these tiny trousers for your unborn breakfast buddies:

“Give your eggs their dignity back, with these adorable Egg Pants ($20 USD) – they have three stubby “legs” to keep your hard or soft-boiled eggs standing proud, plus they are made from a soft and flexible material that stretches to fit any size egg.”

Say hello to Liz Kinnmark (on the left), the creator of Egg Pants.  She hails from Brooklyn, NY, which makes her my neighbor.  (Brooklyn’s big though, so not really.)

Images: Design Glut // via: I Heart Luxe

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I LOVE MY CERAMIC EGG CRATES | Easter Finds @ Williams-Sonoma

I bought my ceramic six-slot egg crates at Williams-Sonoma this past weekend on a mall excursion with the fiancé.  Here’s one of them.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  I mean, for an egg crate?  THANK YOU, Williams-Sonoma, for having this in your store and selling it for $5.00. Sweet Lord that was a find and a half.

Plans for them: use as props in future inspiration shoots.
Current use: place the two eggs I cook every morning in one of the crates, for safe keeping while the butter melts.

I’ve got more Easter Finds in store for ya, m’friends!  Sit tight…

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