The Knotty Bride is Hiring, Bitchez! Also: My Top 10 Favorite Baby Animal Boops, Because Why Not.

>> This position has been filled; thank you to all those who applied! <<

I’m not literally *hiring bitches*, I’m… whatevs, you understand.  ANYWHO, SO…

I’m trying to cut back on my use of exclamation points (current use level: through the roof).  Let’s see how far I can make it.

Happy afternoon/evening, friendlies! DAMNIT.  Anyway you may have noticed that I’ve not been your typical Alison lately.  Meaning, I haven’t been tweeting sunrise to sunset and my blogging pace has gone from a deliberate gallop, to that thing at track meets where you walk really fast and then somehow medal, despite having just walked in a race.  What is that called- ‘fastwalking?’  Racewalking?*  Who cares- the good news is I finally get to explain to you what is really going on.

{*please, no racewalking letters.}

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Love all of this...

OH, HOW PINTERESTING… | Second Installment of My Fave Finds While Wasting Ti- I MEAN WORKING, DOING FIELD RESEARCH. Also, “Secretly Pregnant,” TLC?

Hey so real quick first – guess what I just turned to owne tha teeluhhveeshun?  No really, please- please guess.

“Secretly Pregnant.”

I’m watching “Secretly Pregnant,” a show about girls who are secretly handling the task of pregnancy.

There is a show called SECRETLY PREGNANT.  On OUR TELEVISIONS.  This is happening!  WTF????  Aright sorry, it’s just, WTF?

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Love all of this...