IN-LAW ISSUES, YAY! | Dealing With A “No Boundaries” In-Law, In Today’s Letter From A Reader.


In today’s exciting installment of In-Law Issues Revealed, one lady is trying to plan the wedding of her dreams to another lady’s beloved son, and that second lady is so totally not having ANY of it.  LOL!  High kick, woot!

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REAL LIFE ISSUES | Hey, sometimes a mother-in-law needs to call her son an average of 14 times a day. That’s her RIGHT. … LOL, just kidding. | By Miss M, Knotty Bloggista

Ok, SO!

Alison here… with the first order of business: it’s Tuesday night, and yep that’s right, YOU’RE BACHELOR RECAP IS IN PROGRESS.  OH ALSO, DID I JUST WRITE *YOU’RE* IN THAT SENTENCE BACK THERE WHERE I TALKED ABOUT YOUR BACHELOR RECAP?  Because I could swear I’m smarter than that.

What in the F Word is happening to me.

I have a mind to think it’s this whole Chrisharrison situation that just happened to my face.  Chrisharrison had to pull me aside earlier to tell me some story that I was totally thinking was about my best friend dying or my dog dying or the apocalypse or that I’m pregnant with the child of Satan or that I have to marry Ben, because of the awkward way he made THE MOST MAGNIFICENT OF DEALS ABOUT IT when he came to grab me.  But it turns out he just had to tell me about some really awesome, awesome guy from my past who really loves to eff up my future, and how I now have to go home for no good reason, and then my face started crying for like, I think it was at least four commercial breaks.  It was rough.  But I’m sure Chrisharrison totally didn’t sum up my abrupt departure to my family and friends by saying “Alison had to go home because she was here for the wrong reasons,” or anything like that, I’m sure of it.  I trust Chrisharrison and his unwavering dedication to truth-telling.



We introduced a fun, upbeat, super-lighthearted new series recently, on the topic of totally awful, horrible in-law situations that completely sucked/were hard.  And given the way our last real life story went over with y’all, I’m psickity-psyched to bring you yet another harrowing tale of what happens when families that are not equally prepared to merge… like totally MERGE anyway.

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DEAR TKB: His parents are VERY wealthy 
and are expecting a grand wedding for their only child… but they want my family to foot the bill. | Also… Bambino Returns.

Hello to your faces on this formerly sunshiny (where I live) Tuesday afternoon/eveningish.  In today’s random news, my Dad sent me a picture text asking me to choose one of three puppy vests for Bambino WITH THE QUICKNESS.  So it’s official now, Bambino is going to experience winter as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.  If you were ever wondering if I make this stuff up…

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REAL LIFE ISSUES | “When MIL = Manipulator-in-Law” By Miss S… The First Bloggista of Our In-Law Series!

Alison here.  Pretttttyyy pretty stoked about introducing this new series you’re about to experience, and to see it all coming together is nothing short of a dream come true.  I hear EVERY DAY from brides with in-law questions and issues, and this series was an inevitability.  

Now, I think we all know that there are lovely, kind, wonderful in-laws out there, as well as go-with-the-flow in-laws, and not-very-involved in-laws…. clearly, since in-laws are people, naturally they come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities.  And many make a bride’s transition from girlfriend to wife easy breezy beautiful – even delightful in many cases! – and for these types of in-laws we are beyond grateful.  They disprove the reigning stigma.  Trust me, great in-laws do exist!  

Unfortunately, they don’t exist in all cases.  Even more, they are hardly the exception to the rule.  

Now, without further adieu, I introduce you to Miss S, and her story…

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DEAR TKB: “I am at my wit’s end. The situation with my parents has gotten out of control…” | REAL LIFE ISSUES

123four. five. 678nine. ten. ELEVEN. TWELVE. 


Aright, SO!  Happy Wednesday evening to your faces n stuff.  Listen, I will have you know that I am very, very excited for today’s question.  Of course by excited I actually mean totally emotionally distraught and angry that effing people keep effing acting this way towards their own effing children.

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REAL WEDDING ISSUES | Part II | “When Mom Doesn’t Want You to Get Hitched” A True Life Story by Miss Rhi…

ATTN MY FAMILY: Kindly refrain from reading the first paragraph of this post IF YOU WANT TO LIVE TO SEE TOMORROW.

Hey lovies.  Top o’ the afternoon to ya!  Hope you guys are having a happy/productive/loving/profitable Thursday thus far.  Mostly hoping it’s happy.  I’m doing pretty well myself, despite the disturbing/frustrating fact that it’s become painfully clear – based on the nice-to-meet-you smirk on the boyfriend half’s face of our new neighbors who share a wall with us… that the things I *say* when I’m bedroom wrestling ARE AUDIBLE and entering our neighbors’ ears.  Sooooooooooo yeah.  Officially struggling with whether or not I should crank down the verbal excitement, or just say screw him and be on my merry way… to continuing to screw the other him.  Ohhhh I am so inappropriate.  I am so inappopriate!  Someone tase me, bro.  Sigh.  But yeah I really don’t know what to do about this.  The awkward factor is sort of through the roof on this dilemma.

Ok, that concludes the part of today’s post you shouldn’t have read if you are: my Dad, one of my brothers (especially my little brother; my older brother is more comfortable with such topics – ok no scratch that – both brothers), my neighbors, my niece and nephew, my Aunt can read it she’s cool, so can my Mom – she knows my menstrual cycle which is synonymous with nothing is off limits.

Alrighty!  On we go, to what this post is actually about.  And yes, {Continue reading…}

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