DOES SIZE MATTER? | What’s the *Right* Size? Who Decides? Plus: Rustic Intimate Ceremony, Skulls, Neon Tampons & Frenchie VS Alpaca: Who Is Cuter?

I know it’s a lot.  Me and my titles.  Anyway welcome to your late evening post; chock full of wedding inspiration, clitoral stimulation and inappropriate conversation.  Or, Wednesday.   {Continue reading…}

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LET YOUR HATERS BE YOUR MOTIVATORS | DEAR TKB: Do I… deserve a wedding? The girls on bridal message boards say I don’t… PLUS: Intimate Courthouse Wedding by Heather Brincko Photography

Happy late Tuesday, party people.

Preface: Today’s Reader Question/Real Wedding were put together strategically as per usual, but the way I’m presenting the question requires it to be in three parts, and the format is therefore a little nuanced.  Also, I think I’m using ‘nuanced’ wrong.  I’ve decided to include the reader’s follow-up response to the answer I offered her, because her response speaks to a pretty disgusting problem I’ve never touched on before.  Frankly, I haven’t even been cognizant of it.  I was WTF-ing all the way through.  Because WTF.  I mean, WHO DOES THIS.  Ok sorry you’ll see what I mean when you see her response.  K, here we go… 

Today’s question from a reader is one that really hit me hard.  Basically, {Continue reading…}

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INTIMATE TALK | Need this in my life… and you need it on your wedding night.

Speaking of boudoir shoots…

Amandine Chemise

Something about it… I don’t know what it is… but something, it’s got me.  I think it’s the detailing.  The gorgeous, gorgeous detailing.  And that neckline.  Oooohhh how I love a good neckline.

And if you’re a two piece kind of girl, you can always opt for the Amandine Cami and Shortie Set.  Just as cute, no doubt.

Wear one of these on your wedding night… and think of me.  Actually, don’t.  That would be weird.  Though I’d be flattered if you did.  (;

And now, this:


Pssst… guess what?  Friday’s Fab Finds are coming up tomorrow.  But you already knew that, didn’t you.  And you are gonna LOVE THEM.

… But you already knew that, too.  I’m a cheeky buggah!  Also, I’m a doofus for writing that I’m a cheeky buggah!  Also, I think my allergies are having a weird effect on my ability act and write coherently.  That SUCKS.

xoxo!  – Alison

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