J.CREW | Wedding Wardrobe Giveaway + Launch Party Invitation!

I released some really awesome news the other day, but there’s one phenomenal detail that you may have missed…

{ By the way, I’m curious: do you love or hate her reddish lip? }

{That’s a wedding gown from J.Crew’s Wedding line.  Isn’t it great that you’ll actually be able to try that thing on in a store now?  Scroll down for my faves…}

* * *

Item #1:

So, by this point you’ve heard the news about J.Crew finally opening a wedding boutique in Manhattan, and you’re aware of the awesome new lookbook, right?  Right.  Ok.  Well now this is happening:

Say “I Do” to J.Crew

I sort of hinted at this recently, but totally didn’t do the thing justice, so here’s to Round 2, ’cause you guys deserve it!  Darcy Miller and the rest of her creative crew over at Martha Stewart Weddings have teamed up with J.Crew to offer the sickest giveaway you could possibly imagine (within reason, ladies, within reason).

Awesome, right?!!!!  Just click here to enter!

* * *

Now, on to Item #2

Would you like to party with Darcy Miller, the J.Crew Wedding team… and a bunch of other brides-to-be?  Well then here’s something else you need to know.  There’s a party going on next week that I’m thinking you might want to attend.  It’s only the Launch Party for J.Crew’s Wedding Boutique on 769 Madison Avenue!!!

Here are a few words from Darcy:

Calling all brides!  Join me at the launch party for the first ever J. Crew bridal boutique on Wednesday, June 2, at 769 Madison Avenue here in New York City.  You’ll get a sneak peek at what the store has to offer, from bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses to accessories and more. I hope to see you there! And feel free to pass this invitation along to any other brides you know. RSVP to Kate@Jcrew.com.

So, you comin’ or what?  (-:

* * *

Ok, as promised, here are a handful of my favorite J.Crew gowns this season…

Lucinda ball gown

Silk taffeta Sascha gown

Embossed organza Sloan gown

Silk tricotine Tatiana gown

Metallic rose Madison gown

(… it has pockets!!!)

Silk tricotine Tatiana gown

What do you think of them?  I’m so curious!!!

xoxo!  -Alison

Love all of this...