#2: PINK PARTY INSPIRATION | If you’re lucky, your sister is a wedding stylist! | By JCG Events + Serendipity Studios

Hello, lovers.  Because this is a starlet-inspired bridal shower and the carpet is less red and more hot pink, I seriously considered naming this feature “Walking the *Pink* Carpet: Bridal Shower Inspiration for the Stars In All of Us.”  I am NOT KIDDING you.  ’Course, almost as quickly as the idea came to me, I realized it was waaaaay way way way waaaaaaay too suggestive a title.  I mean, even for someone like *me*.  So, there you go.  That’s how that went.  Right… right, ok, moving right along.

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Love all of this...

DEAR TKB: S.O.S.!!! | (… Turns out there are approximately a lot of ladies out there with in-law issues.)

Happy late Friday evening, friendlies… :)

I found two Tic Tacs hiding in the upper hood part of my last remaining Tic Tac dispenser a little while ago.  So, I mean I don’t wanna call it yet, but I think I might have avoided that whole Friday the 13th/bad luck thing today.  So I’m feeling good.  I’m really feeling good about that.  So what better than to give advice to someone who’s feeling pretty shi**y right now?  Eh?  Right?  I think it’s the perfect time.

But first, here’s a short bit of YouTube heaven Honey showed me that just might have made my entire life with its incredibleness.   {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...