{#1} THE BEST BOUQUET SHOT IN THE WORLD + SECRET 1 | Something happened this wknd. Something big.

Happy Monday, guys!  OMG SO MUCH HAPPENED THIS WEEKEND.  It depends on how you measure it, but more has happened to/for us this past weekend than, potentially, ever, in our lives together.  Wowzas.  That’s some big talk, eh?  Yeah.  And I have a feeling you guys might have a clue as to the news, so I’m accepting guesses in the comments.  (If you actually guess it, I’ll be pretty shocked.  I don’t think I’ve really hinted all that much to it, since it was sort of an unexpected event for us, too… ok I’m gonna stop because the more I talk, the more I tend to give away…)

Now, even though we’ve been in the mindset for such an event for quite some time, I think, kinda randomly, that show I mentioned on Friday was the impetus… {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...