CLASSIC SOUTHERN WEDDING | Randi + Dan… “She said she wasn’t going to cry!” | Chic, lovely Nashville nuptials that will likely lead to heart explosions.


You guys probably recognize Randi and Dan, and that’s because we featured their dockside engagement session a short while back, and it was pretty phenom.  They’re a gorgeous couple, and if you think they clean up nice for e-shoots, ohhh MAN are you in for a treat today. {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...

E-SESH LOVE | Randi + Dan | Classic prep in Nashville | Also: upcoming letterpress giveaway, next week’s free printable, and my best advice for stellar photos

Happy Friday, friendlies!  Ok, guess what?  I’ve got a lot to share.  Tee hee.  However, since free association rules the roost in these here parts, we’ll see just how much I end up covering.  {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...