It’s official… the brand new The Knotty Bride is here… OMGCANYOUBELIEVEIT??!!! Addendum: the giveaways are coming… the giveaways are coming!

“All right, Mr. DeMille… I’m ready for my close-up.”

↑ Yeah that’s me, baby-style.

Take a look around.  Stay awhile.  There’s lots going on here.  It’s sort of assaulting your faces, but in a good way… right?  I hope so.

Guys, the design is essentially complete.  And we’re pretty freakin’ excited about it.  Here’s what we still have to do…

1. Vendor Love™ ~ The categories are up (!!!!!!) but, as you’ll notice, our amazeballs Preferred Vendors are not.  We’ll be configuring all of their gorgeous pages throughout the week.  We haven’t yet decided if we’ll bring this to your faces this week or after Thanksgiving, as a fun extension to the excitement.  You guys will be all bloated and pissed-off that you have to return to work next Monday, so we’re thinking of waiting ’til then.

… What’s that?  Don’t you effing dare?  Oh, umm… gotcha… ok, we’ll take that into consideration.

2. Inspiration by Color ~ We’re still configuring this, so it might be a little while.  But SOOO worth the wait.

3. Miscellaneous ~ There’s still quite a bit of fine-tuning we’re doing this week, consolidating categories, links, etc., so please sit tight as it all unravels.

Ok… I’m gonna get back to work on the site… but please do let me know what you guys think of it.  I’m excited to hear your thoughts, you guys.

xoxo!  – Alison

P.S. – looks like “amazeballs” is really making its way into the lexicon.  Avril Lavigne used it last night at the AMAs.  Kiiiiiinda ridiculous when said out loud, in person.  But I’ll take it.  ;)

P.P.S. – WE HAVE SOME SERIOUSLY REDONK GIVEAWAYS COMING SOON.  All in celebration of this here launch.  Stay tuned… thousands of dollars in free stuff is about to be launched at your collective faces, competition-style.

Love all of this...

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Love all of this...

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Love all of this...