RUSTIC DIY LOVE + Editor’s Notes on Relationships | Mason Jars Shall Live Forever + Could You *Imagine* Leaving Your Beloved Over Money? + Bambo’s Back.

Because “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant: Baby in My Sweatpants” seemed like a show unbefitting of dinnertime programming, we watched the only other option our trusty little Tivo suggestions folder offered us, which turned out to be a couple of episodes from MTV’s “True Life” series.  The series happens to be a tried and true favorite of mine, because it’s one of the few the only show on MTV that has real life relevance and teaches lessons.

So that said… today we’ve got a bit of a Smörgåsbord post for your faces.  Woot, go Friday afternoon posts!  Ok, first up, {Continue reading…}

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DIY WEDDING FUN + AN ODD NEW FAD | Vintage Spool Place Card DIY by Lauren + Alison *explores* the latest trend + a brand new Knotty Reader Challenge!

That title feels redundant.

Anyway… today, my friends, we have a twofer.  Part I = a super neat, super simple DIY project from our resident DIY expert, Lauren of Lauren Elise Crafted!  In Part II, yours truly will address that weird new fad thingie I mentioned on Twitter last night that I kinda sorta promised I’d address today on the blog and not chicken out on discussing, regardless of how aggressively incapable it is of being linked in any way to legit wedding content.  (Wait, did I say incapable?  BWAAAHAHAHAHAA!  Because I linked it.  See: The Knotty Challenge at the end of today’s post.  BOOYAHKASHA.)

Ok, BUT.  First things first: {Continue reading…}

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YOUR DIY WEDDING | DIY Modern Matchbook Stationery in Two Colorways {+ Free Template} | Lauren Elise Crafted

Hi Knotty readers!  {Continue reading…}

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