Happy Monday eveningish, peepsicles!  As I wrap up the writey part of this post, I’m already running a bit late for an event tonight, so I’m slightly freaking out but also trying to stay calm, cool and collected so that I don’t completely lose my s**t.  You see, today is kind of a lot, and I’ve been sitting very still on purpose, so as not to allow my panties to get all in a bunch.  I hear that happens with panties when you get in a tizzy.  Also, I hear *panties* is a much reviled word.  So I’mma stop using it, for that reason, but also because I’m sure today’s bride is absolutely THRILLED that I’ve used the word *panties* a total of what, four times now?  We should probably move on.

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Love all of this...

WEDDING PLANNING IS THE BEST AND THE WORST | It’s all in the details on the outside… but, hopefully, we all know what it’s *really* about… right?

Happiest of happy afternoons, dear friends!  How you doin’, eh?  You doin’ aight?  I hope so, I do.  Would you like a massage?  Yes?  Me too, get in line.

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Love all of this...