GOLDEN THREESOME | The Cream Recap Peek, DIY Gold Leaf Lettering + a Golden Surprise for Readers! + Alison Mocks the Ryan Gosling Coloring Book, Because of Course

(Sorry for the absence midweek, much needed brain-detox needed to happen.  Turns out event preparation and home buying are F**KING EXHAUSTING.)

Aright so that’s right, Friday party people.  I just led off with a threesome reference.  And I’m not f**kin around. …aside from the fact that the post has little to do with three people having sex.  Actually, interesting fact: reading this blog post is going to be waaaaay more rewarding and much less physically demanding, as compared to mushing three bodies together and hoping to be the person with the smallest workload.  So what I’m saying is the overall experience of this blog post is much more likely than a threesome to live up to the hype you’ve dreamed up in your head about it.

We should start over.  Let’s start over.    {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...

WEDDING MONOGRAMS | Wedding details gone wild! … Or at least a little overgrown. Also, I’m going to freeze my nips off tonight, but at least I’ll be eating cake.

So, it’s Monday peeps!  How about that?!  I know it’s not the custom but I’m pretty pumped about this whole Monday thing.  Let’s forget for a moment the fact that tonight involves having to brace the bitter cold that is NYC’s current weather pattern, and let’s also put aside the fact that this weather is going to freeze my nips until they’re cold as ICE.  That part’s obviously not the reason I’m excited (I get that it would be for a select few types in this world… the types that go to conventions for said things… but it’s not for me).  {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...