REAL LIFE ISSUES | After the Wedding: “A Case of Name Change Hysteria…” by Knotty Bloggista Libby, of Follow the Wife

Hi everyone!

A big thanks to Alison for having me back. I’m so excited. In fact, I’m still reeling from the excitement of my last visit. I had no idea that so many of you would relate to my pre-wedding stomach bug and leave such sweet comments. Alison is right about you guys. You’re all rad.

Today I have another story for you. {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...

KNOTTY BLOGGISTA WEEK! | Murphy’s Law: Wedding Day Edition. What happens when you get the stomach flu 24 hours before your wedding? A true story by Libby of Follow the Wife

Happy Tuesday to you, lovelies!  Ok, so prepare to be psyched, because we’ve got another fabutastic Bloggista to introduce today, and she’s kicking her Bloggistaship off strong-style with a seriously harrowing tale of one of THE WORST things that can go wrong as your wedding approaches.   {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...