DIY CHALKBOARD ‘N’ BIRCH WEDDING | ←THAT + VINEYARD = PLEASURE | Also, a real bride’s perspective on The First Look Argument… after having lived to tell about it. Aaaaaand my feelings on mustaches.

So, apologies in advance if this post gets a touch out of hand.

How’s your Thursday afternoon going – going well?  I’m also accepting “good!”  - see, no judgment here at TKB.  Yeah, so that was some intense blog post titling, eh, up there?  I’ve always wanted to write “bride lives to tell… [enter life-changing experience here]” or some variation on it.  Can check that off the bucket list now.  (Listen I’m not gonna sit here and say I’m proud of the items on my bucket list.)

Ok enough pleasantries, listen up.  I’ve been a proponent of chalkboards and birch in yo’ weddin’ for what, a year now?  Wait, what’s that?  Almost everyone is a proponent of those things?  True, true.  You got me.  You got me good.  Lemme throw something else atcha face then.  … Ok got one, howzabout this: I need the mustaches to come to a screeching {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...