ALISON LOVES | Martha Stewart Weddings is seeking 2 brides-to-be for a special reason… are you who they’re looking for?

[Opportunity now closed; more in the future, of course.] I just ended a blog title in a preposition so, it’s been that kind of day.  Good thing I have this opportunity to share with you, it really brings a huge toothy smile to my face OMG I SWEAR TO YOU, PUN NOT INTENDED.  God you’ll never believe me though.  Meh.

Last day for casting: Friday 3/15/2013

If getting a great smile for nothin’, blogging for Martha Stewart Weddings online AND appearing in Martha Stewart Weddings magazine all together appeal to your sensibilities, then this one my dear friend, this one’s definitely for you (everyone reads on including me…)

I know I know.  It’s an awkward thing to talk about your mouth.

Really, when it comes down to it, you’re not human if you don’t want to have a really nice smile; one that you’ll feel like people wanna look at (oh god the grammar today, I am so sorry you guys).. it’s just the way it is.  And since not everyone has the time or the money or the 100% lack of abject fear, all of which are necessary, in unison, to engage in the bettering of one’s chomper situation, things like this beauty suddenly come into play and are truly lifesavers.  (Quick story: I literally waited 3 years before my most recent teeth-cleaning couple months ago – don’t do that btw, was not a picnic – and I had approximately a lot of cavities it turned out.  I was SHOCKED.  You need to keep those teeth on the up and up, guys!)

Anyway, I felt visceral excitement when we were presented with this partnership, and I certainly felt great about bringing it to the blog’s big fat pink face.  I hope some people who are searching for this kind of experience get to read this post!  It’s a personal thing for me because I know from experience how life-changing a good straight coupla rows of teeth can be/do to change your world.  It’s beyond words and measure.

Now I realize I’m being a little repetitive but here’s all the info written out, if you’re not into images-with-text-information-in-them…

We’re Looking for Two Brides-to-Be!

Martha Stewart Weddings is looking to cast two brides-to-be who would like to straighten their teeth before their wedding to participate in this exciting initiative.  If chosen, you will:

·         Receive free professional treatment from a well-known company to straighten your teeth.

·         Be a regular guest-blogger on and appear in Martha Stewart Weddings magazine to share your experiences getting ready for your wedding.

To be considered for this opportunity, please email the following to

  • Your name
  • Wedding date
  • City of residence
  • 2-3 photos of your yourself (at least one showing your smile)
  • A few sentences about why you’d like to participate.

Last day for casting: Friday 3/15/2013

We look forward to hearing from you!

- The team at Martha Stewart Weddings

I’m just curious.  Have any of you ever had some work done to your teeth, like braces (raises hand) or whatever other work there is for teeth?  The change was phenomenal, right?  Changes your whole disposition.  Aright I’ll shut up now.

xx, and good luck my friendlies..


Love all of this...

GIVEAWAY | Brides Magazine Revamp + An Exclusive First Look Inside (Hint: It’s Full of Ruffles!)

Happy Tuesday afternoon, faces!  We’ve got some goodness today, and we’re starting it off with a wee little thing called a giveaway, courtesy of our friends over at Brides Magazine.  Not to mention, a first look at one of their styling features, which you can see as of TODAY, since it’s officially available for download right now, April 17th!  The completely revamped mag hits newsstands April 24th, fyi, if you like good old fashioned hands-on reading – something I cherish in this modern world.

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Picture It: Your Wedding in a Magazine!

Think your wedding’s the bee’s knees? Have you painstakingly styled every detail, and you’re confident it’s got it goin’ on?  Well then get that fabulous fête in a magazine!

Submit your wedding to Wedding Style Guide

From Wedding Style Guide:

Each issue, we choose a select number of weddings to feature in the pages of our magazine.

If you would like us to consider your wedding for inclusion in our magazine, please download the submission form, complete the details and return it to us together with a few photos.

It’s all about the detail—we love the little things that come together to complete the picture. We’re looking for stunning stationery, interesting venues, unique table settings, beautiful lighting, sublime flowers and stylish photography— every aspect where care and consideration has gone into the planning.

Send in your wedding and if it’s chosen to be published you’ll receive
a special little something in the mail from us.

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