RUFFLES, TULLE, LACE, SATIN AND CHIFFON | PRETTIEST DRESSES IN THE LAND 2012 | No, seriously. These are the prettiest ones. [Bridal Market Coverage]

Happy Friday afterno-errr evening, ladies and gentles!  HOLY MOTHER OF HOLYNESS I FINALLY FINISHED THIS POST.  Hey Alison, why don’t you go on a date with photoshop (that’s fancy speak for ‘sit at your desk all day’) and break a hand-holding record with it, without pee breaks or water or other sustenance all in an effort to compile an up-to-snuff list of only your favorite pulls?  Because it’s not like anybody’s anxiously waiting with baited breath to see these dresses or anything.  Really.  Be a perfectionist about it.  It’s cool.  No no, it’s cool, really.

I’m weirding myself out talking to myself in third person.  Going to stop that.  I’m sorry to post these a tad later today than I’d hoped, but I truly hope it was worth the wait :)

Yeah, so you know how I had that little press preview Thursday morning to see Elie Saab/Manuel Mota’s 2012 Collections for Pronovias?  WELL……….. {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...