Invitations That Go Beyond

Today, we’ve got some brilliant little DIY projects from the great Martha Stewart that’ll really show your creative side to each and every single one of your wedding guests.  If you’re crafty, and you’re looking for a few inspiring ways to make your invitations uniquely yours, get ready for some inspiration!

Perfect for a winter wedding, this do it yourself invitation is delicate, sweet and relatively simple to make.  All you need: your invitations (for best results, print on card stock), a Japanese hole puncher and yarn.  We adore the soft pink used below, but the great thing about this project is that you can coordinate the yarn color with your wedding scheme!

Stitched Stationery

You can accent your stitched invites with envelopes lined in a coordinating color or pattern.  (Martha achieved the cherry blossom look above with gift wrap.)

Not looking to spend too much one-on-one time creating your invitations?  Here’s the project for you.  While we wouldn’t necessarily suggest the below for a formal wedding, you can certainly go ahead with this approach for a more casual affair.  It’s pretty straightforward: decide on the content of your invitation (need help with that?  Go here), have a custom stamp made for you (there are a number of people online who sell this ware, but Martha tends to suggest this guy so we will, too), and then stamp your brains out.

Beware: because the stamp is so large, you may run into trouble achieving an even print every time.  So just be sure to check that you’ve evenly coated the entire rubber image, and, upon placing it on your card stock, softly impress each of its corners with your fingers after the initial press.

Rubber Stamps

Looking for the perfect way to marry your passion for bright colors and elaborate prints with your desire to keep it classy enough for a formal fête?  If that’s a yes, then you may want to consider this next project, which we’ve nicknamed ‘business on the front, party on the back.’  (Sooo cheesy.)  Anyway, good news: it involves making stickers!  (Who doesn’t love this?)  To make these cloth-backed cards, Martha advises you use the Xyron 500, a user-friendly sticker-maker, which you can find here.

A little more detail, courtesy of Martha:

After you’ve fed the material through the machine — thin fabrics such as cotton work best — trim the now-sticky piece with a rotary cutter, and then affix it to the back of the invite. For an added layer of texture, use paper in a coordinating color to make envelope liners.

Fabric Invites

We feel that embossing oozes sophisticated chic.  If you agree, consider an embosser made of your monogram, and go wild…


How pleasantly unique is this?  This ensures your guests will get a truly unique look at your creativity as soon as they lift the flap of your invitation.  Nothing worth doing is easy, and this one definitely involves some doing, so we encourage you to check out Martha’s How To on lining an envelope.

Envelope Liners

Are you a master DIY-er?  Here’s a challenge, and be warned, it’s ALL YOU, even down to making the envelopes!  Here’s the detailed How-To (Paper-backed wood veneer is the medium used in the image below:)

Make Your Own Envelopes

If you listen closely, you’ll hear “awww”s coming from the homes of your guests as they open these dainty paper doily envelopes. These truly look professional when done with a slow hand.  Believe it or not, they’re quite simple to make!  Just make sure you use 9-inch square doilies, you’re set.  Just fold into itself, affix with a clear adhesive, and voila!

Lacy Liners

Calligraphy is often not an option when working with a budget.  Here’s an alternative that’s easy and acceptable:

Wrap Around Labels

Here’s the template:

Wrap Around Labels template

Talk about easy; just visit any custom stamp site ( is a leader in the industry) and upload a design of your choosing…

Custom Postage Stamp

Okay, this next one we L O V E.  Isn’t it just the most stunning suite you’ve seen today?  This one’s all about the accents – the stamp accents.  Get your hands on vintage stamps from a specialty store, and give your invitations a truly elegant throwback feel.

Vintage Stamps

You can go the vintage route, or, if you’re having trouble finding what you want (you’ll obviously need quite a few stamps and it might be tough to hunt down enough if they’re vintage), then consider visiting the USPS online store. There you’ll find countless colors and prints, and who knows, you might find a perfect match for your invitations!

Themed Stamps

For more on bringing your invitations to the next level, visit Martha Stewart Weddings.  Did we mention we LOVE her?

Love all of this...