GIRL TALK | Open Marriage: Good Idea or Bad Idea? PLUS: A Rustic Outdoor Wedding, & Way Too Many Puppy Pics.

So I turned on the television yesterday, and that Survivor host guy Jeff Probst’s new talk show came on, because talk shows are the new book deal and book deals are the new fake tan (everybody’s got one).  They were coming up on a segment about “open marriage.”

I like to call this segment, SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH.     {Continue reading…}

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REAL BOUDOIR + TIPS + M’PUPPY | Would you shoot a boudoir session in the middle of THIS PLACE? | Chelsea Maras Photography

Hey guys!  Happy Thursday afternoon to your entire collective face.  Ok so in this post we’ve got three things:

  • a boudoir shoot
  • tips for rocking it right
  • my puppy, Bambino Wigglestein McPuppypants, III, Esquire

I included my puppy because you guys like me to include pictures of my puppy, but also because: {Continue reading…}

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[DIYS FOR THE DISCERNING PROCRASTINATOR] You have my permission to wait until the last minute to do this. | By DIY Bloggista Renee

Oh hey you guys, Alison here.  Happy Thursday afternoon :)  So how’s it hangin’? (<== see what I did there)

I know everybody’s thinking it, and yes, there was probably a better-suited song lyric somewhere out there for that intro picture, but screw it.  We’re here now, and there’s no need to reminisce about what was, and what could have been.

Onwards!  One of TKB’s fabulous and fresh-faced DIY contributors, Renee Hong, is back… so cover your eyes if you’re allergic to awesome.  She’s really MacGyver’ing it up today, sharing a brand new DIY that even the kind of person who, if trying out for ABC’s The Bachelor, would answer *Most DIY projects* on Question 4 of the casting questionnaire, “How would you describe your deepest fear (so that we can put you on a date engaged in it under the scrutinizing eye of the public)?”  So there’s that.

Oh, hey Bam I didn’t see you there.   {Continue reading…}

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WEDDING INSPIRATION LOVE | My Number 2 All Time Favorite Flower In the World for Wedding Bouquets, love bird love, lace wedding cake love… and your Friday Puppy.

SHARK WEEK!  WOOOooooOOOOOoooOOOO!  Nah, just kidding I couldn’t care less.  Hahaahaah.  Yeah.

Ok so here we go… happy Friday afternoon, friendlies!  How goes it?  Is it feelin’ hot hot hot where you are?  Because it’s 101 degrees of caliente here and so IT’S KIND OF A LITTLE INTENSE.  If I had alls-bay, they would probably be completely en fuego.  (Haha, I pig Latin’d balls, even though I unabashedly started out yesterday’s post with the very word in all its glory.  Hmph.  Odd.)  Anyway my focus is elsewhere, because our building sometimes *vibrates* for some unapparent and most likely harmful reason, however I’m sitting here in my vibrating chair and… not minding it so much?  In fact, I’m kind of enjoying it ifyaknowwhatimeanandithinkyoudo.  Sing it with me… I’m pickin’ up goooood viiiiiibraaaaations.  Yeah ok I need some water; maybe that’ll get the crazy out.  I beg you to blame the heat for any further instances of crazy.  Ok?  Please?  I’m gonna go ahead and assume that you’re on board.  Great. {Continue reading…}

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CHARMING SOUTHERN GLAM WEDDING | Also, Holy Bloggista, Batman! | Photography by Courtney Dellafiora

oh. my. balls.  {Continue reading…}

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DIY WEDDING FUN + AN ODD NEW FAD | Vintage Spool Place Card DIY by Lauren + Alison *explores* the latest trend + a brand new Knotty Reader Challenge!

That title feels redundant.

Anyway… today, my friends, we have a twofer.  Part I = a super neat, super simple DIY project from our resident DIY expert, Lauren of Lauren Elise Crafted!  In Part II, yours truly will address that weird new fad thingie I mentioned on Twitter last night that I kinda sorta promised I’d address today on the blog and not chicken out on discussing, regardless of how aggressively incapable it is of being linked in any way to legit wedding content.  (Wait, did I say incapable?  BWAAAHAHAHAHAA!  Because I linked it.  See: The Knotty Challenge at the end of today’s post.  BOOYAHKASHA.)

Ok, BUT.  First things first: {Continue reading…}

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GLITZY GLAMOROUS DRESS LOVE | Vera Wang Sneak Peek + Memorial Day Weekend + McPuppyPants.

Happy Friday, cuddlywuddlies!  Ok, so I just twitter polled y’all to see if it was even worth it to blog today, given the long weekend, and you guys like totally said yes so I like totally am doing it!

However. {Continue reading…}

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RUSTIC DIY MILL WEDDING | Where simplicity meets succulents meets pies meets amazeballs meets Kim Kardashian… wait what?

So, first off, let me show you what it feels like in the city right now when you’re the kind of person who resists turning on the a/c until it’s ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY because what the heck is up with these electricity bills these days AMIRITE: {Continue reading…}

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RUFFLES, LOVE & FRUSTRATION | Something I like, something I hate, and McPuppyPants does an impression. So in other words, business as usual.

Today, I’ve got to talk about something I feel pretty strongly about.  (And I’m gonna want to know if I’m alone in this feeling.)  Coupled, of course, with fashion, photography, pop culture and general wedding-related thingies.  So, a mixed bag. :)

Ok, SO.  Have you heard?   {Continue reading…}

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CANDY-COATED LOVE SHOOT | Why not match your fashion, decor and surroundings to your “couple personality?” I say DO IT | by Simply Bloom Photography

Real Housewives of New Jersey attacked my eyes again last night.  Please, someone teach me how to resist, without canceling our Bravo feed entirely.

In other news, you guys are gonna get *real quick* why I love this engagement shoot.  It should be rather apparent {Continue reading…}

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RUSTIC DESERT WEDDING | Kari + Judson | If you want something badly enough, hold out and you just might get it.

↑ this in a second, but first…

LOL ↴ {Continue reading…}

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E-SESSION FASHION + CREATIVITY | Ingredients: your proposal story + Izze drinks + super cute, super *affordable* dresses. Also, I was right; Hayden P. has a tiny vahiny.

Because sex with a human chipmunk seems hot on paper but in reality it’s an unforgiving game of just-the-tip for the rest of your life, diminutive actress Hayden Paahhneehtiehrrhe and professional huge person/boxer Wladimir Klitschko have called it splitsville today. {Continue reading…}

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THE GAME OF TEA PARTY YOU WANT TO PLAY | I heart swiss dot dresses, pretty place settings and cake perfection. I don’t heart Pregnant in Heels. Plus… Bambino :)

As I sit here, awash in my newest set of *concerns* after watching the latest episode of Rosie Pope’s “Pregnant in Heels” last night, I wonder something.  Well, I wonder two things.  The less apropos is how in the eff a baby is going to escape what seems to be the choke-hold grip my ya-ya (not to be confused with Nana; very different) will, when it comes time, have on the entire length of the child’s form as it eases on down that red brick road.  The much more apropos and far less jarringly unsettling is: {Continue reading…}

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HOW TO ROCK A RAINY DAY WEDDING | Katy + Ryan | Plus, consider McPuppyPants officially NAMED.


Big news to tell all this week, starting with today.  OMIGODLETSGETSTARTED.

First off, tomorrow is, of course, the day Sarah Seven and I announce the massively fortunate Sarah Seven dress giveaway winner.  AAAAAHHHHHH I KNOW.  So… uhhh… you’ll probably want to be here, unless of course you’d rather be square.  Totes your call, as always.

Anywho – wait… {Continue reading…}

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PAPER + PUPPY LOVE | Sponsor Spotlight | Like personalizing things? Fall in love with Storkie wedding invitations… plus, our first Knotty Puppy Video!

Why hello there, friendlies!  It’s a bit of a dreary Monday here, so I hope it’s brighter where you are.  And if it is, please do send over some sunshine vibes, if you would.  Thanksies :)

This past weekend we had our good friend’s birthday party, and Easter happened.  Both super fun happenings, to say the least, and if I get any pictures from the birthday girl I’ll be sure to share them with you.  I think you’d love my outfit.  Just sayin’.  :)  But anyway, let’s focus on Easter a bit, because for that I do have something super special to share with you!   {Continue reading…}

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HAVE YOUR WEDDING AND EAT IT, TOO | Pretty Little Desserts + Wedding Inspiration Fabulousness + Super Hard Evidence of McPuppyPants’ Relentless Shenanigans.

I’m, like, really excited about today’s shoot.  And I say that a lot, I know, but I think you’ll get me in a few seconds.   {Continue reading…}

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