DIY + PERSONAL | Metallic Tassel Party Envelopes By Renee, My Life In Instagram Pics, My New Favorite Jacket, + a Note On Bleeding Every Month.


We have a gas leak in the area.  Con Ed has been jackhammering day and night, literally 24 hours a day.  The smell is so strong we’ve had to keep our windows shut since last night, and there is visible gas all over the street.  The paramedic who parks his ambulance under our window every day is currently enjoying a cigarette a few yards from the drill site.  

So if you don’t hear from me, you’ll know what happened. UPDATE: We iz alive! :)

Resume regularly scheduled talking:

Happy Friday, faces!

The other day I told Honey it was time for me to write a really straightforward, grossly honest post here on the blog, listing out every single mother effing thing that makes Shark Week (<–menstruation, if you’re new here) kind of a drag.

He said, “Ok, cool.  Just let me know the publish date so that I can be sure to AVOID IT LIKE THE PLAGUE.”

It isn’t today, Honey.  Full post is scheduled for next week.  Everyone else…. girrrrd yourrrr loiiinnnnnns.  Oo and if you have any of your own that you’d like me to include in the list, feel free to share them below.  And indicate if you want it to be anonymous, be offering it anonymously. :) {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...

METALLIC GOLD NEON CHIC + FAMILY ISSUES SERIES | The *Only Way* to Rock a Hot Pink, Gold, Mint, Cream Wedding. Also, McPuppyPants… and I’m a little in shock.

Like WHOA.  You guys, I’m sitting in my chair, with Bambino wanting ups, me ignoring his repeated requests for ups, and Bambino releasing aggressive fart bombs immediately beneath me in retribution.  Why am I unable to enjoy his sweet, adorable overtures?  Because I’m still in awe over what just happened.  And that’s saying A LOT, because his sweet overtures look a-something a-like a-this: {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...

DRESS UP YOUR WEDDING | Ed. 01: Black + Silver | Chic + unique bridesmaid looks within a chosen color scheme

If I know you guys at all, I know that you love dresses.  I know, duh.  But even more than that, I know that the vast majority of you LOVE those weddings where the bride has each of her bridesmaids wear a unique style of dress, with the only requirement being that it falls within the color scheme chosen by the bride.

{Continue reading…}

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MODERN CHIC WINTER WEDDING IDEAS | Shimmering, metallic + newsprint garland and decor

… mmmk so I know that it just turned fall and all, and winter’s a bit of a ways off, but sudden changes in temperature tend to make me think in extremes.  Besides, I just couldn’t bear to hold off on sharing this shimmering, metallic, handmade loveliness with you ASAP.  {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...

RUFFLED FEATHER CLUTCH | I FOUND IT!!! | … and I already bought one in every color.

Ok, so remember that little teaser from yesterday? Here we go… {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...