NERD CHIC AT SECRET HEADQUARTERS | Bacon-Centric Food Trucks, Nintendo & The Pigsingtons | FYI, Tuuhh-daay i-is Friiiiii-daaay, Friiiii-daaay. Also, Bam.

I’ve had this pair of boy short underwear sitting on my desk – my desk, on it – for four days now as a visual reminder to buy more boy short underwear for a vacation we’re going on soon.

Guess if I’ve bought more boy short underwear yet.  Go ahead, guess.

Anyway.  It’s late Friday afternoon, friendsicles!  And I’m excited to leave you with this magical post, as we head into our weekends. {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...

WEDDING DECOR WIN | 1st Recap of Brunch with HWTM at Gramercy Park Hotel + Overachiever Wedding Styling

Hello and welcome to your Thursday afternoon post. :)

Thanks for your patience, mes amours… got lots of uncluttering done this morning in the “studio;” felt motivated so I took the opportunity.  Very glad I did.  Plus, I gotta say, it feels like my brain has so much extra empty space in it all of a sudden.  (Hey.  HEY.  Don’t you say anything.)  {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...