GIRL TALK: The Single Most Essential Behavior to a Lasting Relationship. Do You Do It? PLUS: A DIY Rustic Vintage Teacup Wedding by Honey Honey, & LOL News Fit to Blog.

OMFGYOUGUYSTHISWEDDING.  <== no seriously this time.

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Love all of this...

RUSTIC BOHEMIAN PICNIC WEDDING | A Veritable Where’s Waldo for Cat Lovers! Plus, Muscle-Bound Bambino. | By Love Light Images

Happy Friday eeeeeeeeevuhningk, munchkinos!  Before you start reading i just wanna make sure I note here that things got really out of hand in this post and I apologize.  I think the no heat/no hot water situation forced my body into survival mode and resources that are typically so in abundance, instead became luxuries.  Like for example, a sufficient quantity of blood, getting pumped like clockwork into my brain.  Ok WE BEGIN, armed with that knowledge.

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Love all of this...

RUSTIC FABRIC THEMED DIY BARN WEDDING | What does endless hours of sewing, stitching and designing get you… SPOILER ALERT: a killer wedding, that’s what.

Happy Tuesday afternoon!  I hope you’re excited, because today I’ve got a totally random story, a super festive fabric-focused wedding, and pretty intensely bad cramps!  Last one’s actually not very exciting at all.  At all.  Atttt alllll.  Any remedies you guys can suggest for my ovaries?  They seem very mad at me, and all I did was not use them again.

In any case, I’m just so glad I have this wedding to keep my mind off of that last bit.  And this guy…  {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...