REAL WEDDING | A hail storm tried, and failed, to stop this wedding. In your FACE, Mother Nature. + Bambino :)

So, it’s Monday afternoon and I think it’s appropriate, first and foremost, to thank those of you who so kindly and perhaps a bit absent-mindedly predicted that I’d be raptured.  That was sweet of you, and I’m glad you think I’m angelic enough to go north instead of south.  To those of you who figured I wouldn’t be raptured, and cited blog posts asserting that fact (namely, my feelings on Hayden P.’s vahayhay, Meena), thank you, too, for predicting what is actually quite possibly much closer to the truth of what might have happened, should rapture fear mongers have been correct in their predictions.  Either way, I’m just glad I’m still around to blog, because OMIGOD, THIS WEDDING. {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...

HOW TO ROCK A RAINY DAY WEDDING | Katy + Ryan | Plus, consider McPuppyPants officially NAMED.


Big news to tell all this week, starting with today.  OMIGODLETSGETSTARTED.

First off, tomorrow is, of course, the day Sarah Seven and I announce the massively fortunate Sarah Seven dress giveaway winner.  AAAAAHHHHHH I KNOW.  So… uhhh… you’ll probably want to be here, unless of course you’d rather be square.  Totes your call, as always.

Anywho – wait… {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...