SELF LOVE | No Not That Kind… “A Letter”

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Gala, of Gala Darling, has become one of those people I love without ever having met her.  She did something quite simple, but still quite remarkable on December 15, and with it she touched so many hearts, including mine.  What was it?  A letter, written to herself.  Stop doing the Hokey Pokey, because this is what it’s all about.

Here’s a snippet from her deeply touching and enormously inspiring prose:

“… My favourite thing about you is that you are living life YOUR way & doing the best you can. Your story is your own. You don’t allow other people to persuade you to give up your dreams. You have a shining vision for the future & you’re making little steps there every day. You don’t allow people who “don’t understand” to get you down, you just leave them behind in your glorious wake. You have faith that they’ll catch up when the time is right. It is so awesome & delicious.

I think that when you are doing important things, the universe will throw challenges at you to see how serious you are. If you give up, it obviously didn’t mean that much to you. The universe will give your dream to someone else. But you haven’t given up. You keep forging ahead. You are so lionhearted & full of love & hope… “

Be sure to read the rest of Gala’s letter; it’ll fill up your tank so you can keep on keepin’ on.

Love all of this...