WEDDING DIY LOVE | Candy Tin Labels from The Inspired Bride!

Omigod.  When I saw these little candy tins from The Inspired Bride I jumped a little in my seat.  These are absolutely perfect; they’re the perfect color, the perfect size, the PERFECT design, and they’re well within my budget (free).  Thank you, thank you, a thousand times, thank you!


Visit The Inspired Bride’s Sweet Treat Favor Tin project for her instructions!

FYI, here’s what you’ll need for the project:

4-ounce Food Safe Metal Tins (should be approximately 2.5″ in diameter like these from SKS Bottle)
Our Tin Cover Label PDF (available here)
Our Tin Base Wrap PDF (available here)
Good Quality Printer Paper
Double Stick Tape
Rotary Trimmer and / or 2.25″ Circle Punch (optional)
Assorted Candies of Your Choice

Love all of this...

HOLIDAY + DIY LOVE | Attention to Detail – Delightful Packaging for Your Tasty Treats

Macarons are pretty famous these days.  I’ve seen them pop up in quite a few weddings… and, to be honest, it took me some time to figure out just what, exactly, the colorful confections actually were.

Back when I first started noticing them, I’m talking right at the beginning, I thought they were some sort of mini hamburger confection.  And I didn’t really get the whole mini hamburger craze so many brides seemed to be embracing.  I like hamburgers, but I mean, I don’t love them, and certainly not enough to feature them in confection form at my wedding.

La Maison du Chocolat

But I figured it out after a while.  And now, I totally get it.  How adorable and delicious do these tiny treats look?!?!  Love them.  Even though they still look like miniature hamburgers to me.

{1, 2, 3}

By the way, for anyone still a little bit confused by just what, exactly, a macaron is, here’s a great explanation, courtesy of Wikipedia: Macarons are sandwich-like pastries made with two thin cookies and a cream or ganache between the cookies.  Macaroons, on the other hand, are dense cookies made either with coconut or with a coarse almond paste.


Now, what’s better than mouth-watering pictures of macarons?


Do-it-yourself projects involving macarons!!!  And first up is this super-cuteness I found on Project Wedding.  For the full project and pics of the process, go here!

Source List

1. Small favor boxes, 2″ square from PaperMart ($20 for 200 boxes)
2. Sturdy Paper Punch - Here we used this Cosmos Punch from Martha Stewart Crafts ($10)
3. Macarons – You can try to make your own or purchase some from your local French bakery. Prices will vary but it will be somewhere around $1.50 per cookie.
4. Ribbon from PaperMart (25 yards for $1.40)


Step One: Using the Cosmos Punch, make a hole in the front of the box.
Step Two: Assemble box and place macarons inside.
Step Three: Tie with a ribbon and voila — one sweet favor!


Next up is a fantasmagoric (my mom uses that word, I love it) diy project by Vanilla Bakeshop, and featured on Style Me Pretty

For the full project, including a killer do-it-yourself recipe for making your very own homemade macarons, check out Style Me Pretty’s Holiday DIY Project by Vanilla Bakeshop.  Here are their hints on how to craft up this cutie:

DIY Tips for Holiday Macarons

Color & Flavor Coordinate: Presentation is key! You eat with your eyes first. Take that into consideration when you are making your French Macarons. Choose three flavor and color combinations that compliment each other and taste delicious.

Personalize: Adding a personalized custom label to your favor is a sweet touch that is simple and inexpensive. A helpful online source is Choose from a variety of label templates and colors. Cost: approximately .75 per label.

Packaging: Choosing recycled eco-friendly cardboard or clear favor box is a creative way to show off your colorful French macarons. A cost effective online packaging source is Cost: approximately .50 per box


Maybe you like crafting, but not so much the taste of macarons?  No problem.  Here’s an adorable Macaron Charm Tutorial, just for you, macaron hater.



Now these next images are not quite do-it-yourself, but I just love the packaging and creative arrangements you can find over at Paulette Macarons, an inspiring macaron collaboration which I came across during a visit to Kim Vallée‘s site.  As you can see, the creators of Paulette Macarons are very committed to the glorious art of presentation, which makes for some great time spent window shopping…

Coming up: more tantalizing treats for your eyes to covet… plus the second edition of Keepin’ It Bridal.  Talk soon!

Love all of this...