BEAUTIFUL POSTAGE | Color- and Theme-Coordinated Stamps for Your Wedding Invitations!

When it comes to your wedding invitations, do you get excited when you think about choosing just the right stamp to complement the suite?  If you said yes, then we’re probably quite alike, because I LOVE THIS PART.  It’s SO meaningless – I mean, SO – but, for some reason, it’s super important to me that the stamp fits the aesthetic.  Think about it; you put all that effort into creating the perfect invitation suite for your wedding.  And while our nation’s flag is quite beautiful, does it really do your blind embossed, foil stamped, lavender, blue and deep purple 110 lb. card stock recycled wedding invitations justice?

I think not.  No disrespect, of course, to the flag.  When it comes to bill paying, it’s my go-to.

Now, as far as your invitations are concerned, here are some of my picks for that oh-so-perfect finishing touch…

Beginning with the girlie ones. :)

Okay, with those out of the way (lying- I love them), things are about to get interesting…

Here’s a suggestion: slap Greta Garbo on those envelopes if you want to make your mail truly first class.

Do you and your mate share a love of Little Shop of Horrors?  Or maybe you just really like carnivorous plants?  Well, either way, there’s a stamp for that.

You wouldn’t happen to be getting married on May 5, now would you?

Ballet enthusiast?  These are exquisite…

Laid-back wedding?  LOOOOVE the muppets?  A playful postage solution:

This is just cool.  A correlating wedding theme doesn’t readily come to mind, I just like James Dean.

LOVE the bold colors in this Sugar Ray Robinson stamp.  They really pack a punch!  BAHAHAHA I crack myself up.

Speaking of… are you a funny girl?  Wanna take it too far?  Here’s your stamp:


Believe it or not, it isn’t all that difficult to get exactly what you want… yes, even if what you want was discontinued long ago.  I found ALL of the above over at Champion Stamp Co., and there’s plenty more where that came from.  Of course, since most of them aren’t current, it means you’ll need to pair them up with varying amounts of additional postage.  No biggie; you can get what you need here.


Want to read a few more posts on postage?  Well here, here and here you go.  :)

Ooh, and here’s MY stamp!

Love all of this...