SUBMIT YOUR PROPOSAL STORY | Plus: Things With Which I’m Obsessed…

This space in my heart is in the shape of you.  No one else can fit in.  Why would I want them to?  – Jeanette Winterson

That quote is from the wedding stationery of one of the couples I’ve featured below.  And I adore it.

* * *

Hello and happy Tuesday, peeps!  More on that beautiful bedroom scene above in a minute.  Now, listen up, my georgishmorgies!

As a wedding blogger, I read about and hear proposal stories all the goshdarn day.  And you know what?  I’m getting really sic… just kidding.  I quite like it.  No, I LOVE IT.  And it’s come to the point where I seriously want some more of it.

Which brings me to my first order of news: word of this has circulated around the Twittersphere quite a bit already, but I’d like to formally announce it today, on zee blog.  I’m planning to do a series on proposal stories from you guys – that’s right, my dear readers! – and submissions are being accepted, yo.  I am so excited about the stories I’ve received already, and I just KNOW there are some pretty amazing/fun/romantic/long-planned stories still sitting out there in your minds, waiting to be featured.  So, if you’d like to be considered for a proposal feature on The Knotty Bride, by all means, have at it!  Be as talkative/detail-oriented/short and sweet/foul-mouthed as you’d like.  (To the foul-mouthed: ye shall be edited, slightly… but not as much as you might expect.)

The bare necessities… the simple, bare necessities:

1. The story of how your lover proposed (yes, I just linked to that hilarity again, thank you very much).

2. Photos from your engagement session or, if you did not have an e-session, high quality images of you and your beloved.  Note: a photo (taken by anyone) of the site of the proposal is preferred, but not required.

3. Submit to theknottybride{@} – I’m looking forward to reading them!

* * *

And now, as promised, I present to you some things with which I’m OBSESSED:

This ruffled quilt from west elm… not to mention the ENTIRE BEDROOM DESIGN APPROACH going on at the tippy top of this post.  Oh how I covet all of what’s going on here.


You remember that Winterson quote that started us off, today?  It’s courtesy of Laura and Dave, the couple involved in this wedding, which was photographed by One Love Photo and planned by Married & More with Michelle:

By the way, there are tall, slender trees on the beaches in Seattle?  Umm, that’s awesome.



Totally obsessing over this twinkle cuff and statement hair accessory, both from fashion designer and Project Runway finalist, Carol Hannah Whitfield.  (Check out her shop!)


This wedding, by Audrey Hannah, for these ring-related reasons:

And this wedding, also by Audrey Hannah, for the beautiful crying, striking eyes and detail love below:

Note: this is so what would be going down between my Mom and me.  SO.  Except this bride’s crying face is cute.  Mine?  Not so much.


This show.  Because she and I have the same first name.  And that’s the only reason.  By the way, Frank seems nice; I like his passion.  And I haaaaaaaaate the R.I. lawyer.  Haaaaaaaaaate.  Plus he calls her sweetie, like, twice, the moment he meets her.  He’s creepy and conceited and she shall not pick him. Also, Kasey sounds like he has a family of frogs in his throat.  WHAT IS UP with that.


Aaaaand finally, this color palette (when I saw the below on Etsy, my mind went wild with wedding color scheme inspiration.  I cannot begin to tell you how perfect these colors are… please consider them… you will make my year):

Ok, let the proposal submissions begin!  Remember, send your stories/photos to theknottybride{@} -  thanks!

By the way, I’d love to know what you think of these random finds… I just loved so much today, I couldn’t choose just one thing to share!  Any faves?

xoxo!  -Alison

Love all of this...

The Dream Proposal: Engaged Yet? You Might Want to Leave This Page on Your Screen When Your Man Comes Around…

You know, up until now, I thought my fiance’s proposal was pretty freaking spectacular.  I still do, of course, but, you know, there was never anything that made me wonder about the validity of that belief.  You’re probably thinking the same of yours, no?  Here’s a quick recap of mine: it was on a romantic trip to Cancun, Mexico, it involved a gazebo (I love gazebos), a beach and a cliff, and it was a total surprise.  It was great!  And, before this day, it was enough.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love the way it all worked out, and baby, if you’re reading this and I know you are – your proposal was absolute perfection and I love you for it.

But I really do have to admit – seeing these over at green wedding shoes made me wonder juuust a lil bit if my proposal standards might have been a bit low.

a rare photographic moment!

Amazing.  Right?  If you haven’t yet caught on to what’s got me so excited about this…

Have you noticed that this proposal has been CAPTURED ON FILM?

This guy – his name is Daniel – planned out the entire thing, including getting his photographer involved so that the whole experience could be relived, by him, his future bride, their families AND their future wee ones.  So that’s what’s got my my underoos in a bunch.

Daniel, you are a fine, fine gentleman.  Bravo.  BRAVO.  Here are a few more photos of the adorable California couple, from their super-cute engagement shoot.  If you’d like to see the whole beautiful thing, go check out the full post over at green wedding shoes!


daniel and candyce

daniel and candyce

{Photos of Candyce & Daniel by Shannen Natasha via green wedding shoes}

Here’s another artfully captured proposal, this time coordinated by a fine man named Chris, who proposed to the lovely Whitney, on the slopes.  This incredible series of moments, which likely went by in an instant as they so often do, was nearly two months in the making.  Wow, Chris – I think we all sort of love you collectively right now.

Retrospect Studios

Retrospect Studios 2

Gotta love the victory cheer.  Don’t you adore witnessing those rarely captured on film moments when a guy is consumed with the happiness and love he has for his leading lady?

Retrospect Studios 3Retrospect Studios 4

Retrospect Studios 5Retrospect Studios  6Retrospect Studios 7Retrospect Studios 8

{Photos of Chris and Whitney by Retrospect Studios via comments on green wedding shoes}

Love all of this...