Rustic Winter Wedding Inspiration: White Antlers + Ruffled Cake = “Winter Kissed” | A Styled Shoot by Andi Mans

Happy Friday, friendlies.  OMG GREAT shoot for you today.  So pumped.  But naturally, we begin with a .gif parade……

In pet news: I’m pretty sure Bambino and I have already got a version of this down:  {Continue reading…}

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DEAR TKB + PUPPIES, GOSSIP ‘n’ POLE DANCING FOR SPORT | Miss M: “My maid of honor is making my engagement experience terrible.”

Bambino has a lot of ‘Rose from Titanic laying seductively in the nude while being painted by her love interest‘ moments, during the day.

So much so, that we’ve decided to give in to what is clearly an innate talent and take his career in a new direction.  I didn’t tell you guys this, but he’s been looking for work ever since I fired him as my assistant a while back, because he was spending more time acting like he was being productive when I would walk by his cubicle, than actually doing any work.  It was like, do you work for The Knotty Bride, or do you work for the people who created the Words with Friends app? because you’re on that iphone every time I look over at your desk.

It was enough.

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OMG THIS MODERN RUSTIC SHOOT | … is pretty cool, I mean, if you like EXQUISITENESS AND PUPPIES | By Hearts & Horseshoes Photography | Also, I do impressions.

I really classed that OMFG up, eh?  Eh?  YEAH I did.

Hello and happy Tuesday afternoonerrrrractually evening-ish once again!

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DESSERT STYLING + RYAN BAMBINO GOSLING | Hand-stamped love letters, cake pops, heart toppers, milk glass and porcelain vessels by DIY + Styling Bloggista, Andrea Gray Harper! Plus, our Emici Bridal Giveaway Winner!

Omg longest title EVER.

Happy Tuesday afternoon, my loveliest of loves.  How are you all doing?  Here’s what’s going down in this here blog post today: it’s that time of week again, and one of our fab bloggistas is out to play, which means killer inspo, as per usual.  But then I’ve got a little something vs. something quiz I hope you dig at the very bottom which you’re going to scroll down to right now because we’re an immediate satisfaction driven society and I can’t blame you as I’d do the same because what the hell is she talking about, right?  A quiz?  No I’m with you, I get it.  But then you’re going to come back up here, to this paragraph if all goes according to plan, and you’re going to find out that today’s dessert table ideas are inevitably going to knock out the front of your face the way deer inevitably knock out the front of your car when traveling cross-country.  Or to market, for those of you who live among deer.  I forget that wildlife and people coexist, as I’m a city girl.  Anyway, fortunately, you don’t need any kind of insurance for this scenario!  Phew.  Especially since you’re probably in between coverages right now.  So the last thing you need is a debilitating injury, to the face.

What the f*** am I talking about.

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DIY OUTDOOR GRILLIN’ WEDDING | Only a cookie bar + chalkboards + succulents dressed as cupcakes can help me and Bambino recover from last night’s Bachelorette.

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{#2} CONGRATS TO OUR WINNER! Plus, here’s the big secret I’ve been cruelly torturing you with. P.S. – We cannot. decide. what to name him… sooo… lil help?

Sorry for the slight delay in announcing the winner, you guys.  It’s sorta hard to count comments when you’ve…


… do you love him? :)  ’Cause we’re freaking out over this little guy. {Continue reading…}

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