CONFESSIONS | installment 1 | 25 Things That Shock Me About Myself, and The World. [NSFW-ish]


I think I’m getting my period and there’s no chocolate in the house, so I’ll be writing some pretty emotional stuff today.  Even though I would rather be eating chocolate.  Here goes.

The following is a stream of consciousness list I put together about things that still manage to shock me, as the world has become so frigging shocking to me sometimes that I don’t even feel like I have the ability to be surprised anymore.  I think I’m making this sound too upbeat.



1. How much “likes” and “favorites” {Continue reading…}

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GIRL TALK: The Single Most Essential Behavior to a Lasting Relationship. Do You Do It? PLUS: A DIY Rustic Vintage Teacup Wedding by Honey Honey, & LOL News Fit to Blog.

OMFGYOUGUYSTHISWEDDING.  <== no seriously this time.

But first, I have a little story for you {Continue reading…}

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DEAR TKB + PUPPIES, GOSSIP ‘n’ POLE DANCING FOR SPORT | Miss M: “My maid of honor is making my engagement experience terrible.”

Bambino has a lot of ‘Rose from Titanic laying seductively in the nude while being painted by her love interest‘ moments, during the day.

So much so, that we’ve decided to give in to what is clearly an innate talent and take his career in a new direction.  I didn’t tell you guys this, but he’s been looking for work ever since I fired him as my assistant a while back, because he was spending more time acting like he was being productive when I would walk by his cubicle, than actually doing any work.  It was like, do you work for The Knotty Bride, or do you work for the people who created the Words with Friends app? because you’re on that iphone every time I look over at your desk.

It was enough.

So, since {Continue reading…}

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LETTER TO RYAN GOSLING + REAL LIFE ISSUES | Do the holidays test your relationship? Plus: Pinterest Finds, and a Classic Ryan Gosling Move.

Happy day, lovers.  Seeing as it’s evening-time, I’m feeling especially excited that you’re with me.  Thanks for sticking around for this HUGE POST that I, once again, put way too much effort into.  Anyway, it’s so lovely to have you back for a new week.  Tell me, how are you?  Did you have a good weekend?  How was dinner, since it’s pretty close to bed time at the moment.  More importantly, are you gearing up for another Thanksgiving?  It’s approximately five seconds away, just so you know.  By now you probably know where you’re celebrating it… right?  So, will it be at your own home?  Your family’s home?  Your partner’s family home?  Both homes; one for dinner, then mad rush to the other for dessert?  A restaurant equidistant between your respective places of birth?  A grassy knoll measured out beforehand to be exactly half-way in distance between your family and your partner’s family, so no one gets offended?

Ok, actually, I’ve gotta get something off my chest.  Bear with me?  I have a quick message for my Bizarro World BF Ryan Gosling before we get into today’s Real Life Relationship Issue…

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REAL WEDDING ISSUES | “Alone. Hands shaking. Eyes closed. Mouth open.” A guest’s biggest fear is to screw up someone else’s wedding. We present… “The Rip.”

Happy evening, my loves!  Quick fyi – that gorgeous bride above?  Not the bride from today’s story.  Isn’t she adorable, though?!!  Her expression is priceless; I couldn’t NOT use this image for this post.  Her wedding is coming up very soon on TKB.  You’re gonna love the crap out it, just so you know.

Here’s the question I have for you, when you’re done reading this post or if it’s Shark Week and you’re feeling impatient… Do you have any fears about something going wrong on your – or a sibling’s or friend’s – wedding day?

Ok SO… Whew!  AMIRITE?  Yesterday was prettyyyyyyyy pretttyyyyyyyy emotional, for most of you guys and absopositutely for me.  But I liked it, too.  Felt good, felt right.  Glad we did it.  You see I always second-guess myself a little when I venture into the territory of getting more personal with you guys on the blog.  It’s me delicately shoving extremely personal life stuff that has my extremely personal emotions attached to it, into the huge, gaping orifice (←uhhh) of The Internet, for the entire world to see.  I’m always like, {Continue reading…}

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