CONFESSIONS | installment 1 | 25 Things That Shock Me About Myself, and The World. [NSFW-ish]


I think I’m getting my period and there’s no chocolate in the house, so I’ll be writing some pretty emotional stuff today.  Even though I would rather be eating chocolate.  Here goes.

The following is a stream of consciousness list I put together about things that still manage to shock me, as the world has become so frigging shocking to me sometimes that I don’t even feel like I have the ability to be surprised anymore.  I think I’m making this sound too upbeat.



1. How much “likes” and “favorites” {Continue reading…}

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GIRL TALK + SORTA NSFW | I need to talk about our vaginas for a minute…


I found out about a tumblr site recently; the site is *VERY GRAPHICALLY* devoted to your itty bitty kitty.  Specifically– loving the one you’re with.   {Continue reading…}

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DEAR TKB: “I Think I Need More Sex Than My Partner… What Do I Do?” PLUS: Royal Baby News (UPDATED) & Would You Wear This Sheer Wedding Dress? | NSFW

Clearly I have a lot to talk about.


Today’s letter for our Dear TKB advice column is the first I’ve received of its kind, but the issue the reader is facing is turning out to be a lot more common than I think we as a culture realize.  Friends of ours have gone through it.  I’ve been through it myself in the past.  Lots of taboo around it but there shouldn’t be!

Obvs. the goal with these posts is to have some real conversation about stuff that’s otherwise difficult to talk about, for some.  I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts and advice, if you have any you’re willing to offer!

Ok now,  {Continue reading…}

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GIRL TALK | The Secret to Desire in a Long-Term Relationship

Ok. If you’ve ever wondered about how marriage and the having of children impact a couple’s sex life — or if you’re there right now and you’re feeling desperate for some real world advice — consider today’s post required reading.

I am not kidding around. {Continue reading…}

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GIRL TALK | If I Wait Another Second, I Won’t Publish This Post On Rape. *clicks Publish* *runs away*

Guys I need to talk about rape for a minute, sorry.  If you don’t want to hear it I honestly won’t mind, I get that many visit here for one part honest talk, four parts pretties and laughter, and I respect that.  It’s just if I don’t cleveland steamer this thing onto the internet’s chest I am going to start jamming a remote up my ass.  Or worse, this.

I couldn’t figure out how to start this post, so I took a {Continue reading…}

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REAL TALK + REAL BOUDOIR……… Let’s Be Honest. [NSFW] | The Boudoir Divas

Let’s be honest.  We’ve all experienced heartbreak on some level at some point in our lives.  It’s a deep searing pain, one that can take on emotional and physical symptoms.  And for many, it can be unbearable.  It can make you lose faith in love.  It can even close you off to it, if you’re not careful.

Sometimes, all it takes is the right type of puppy to help you learn how to feel again.  That’s why next season, ABC is switching things up… with a *new kind* of Bachelor.  One that promises to deliver.

I’ve already trained him to lead on several ladies at a time, now we’re just working on the egg farts.

Got a stellar shoot from The Boudoir Divas for you to mainline today.  Pumped for that.  But first; I’ve been gathering up tips and tricks and smart words in anticipation of this post.   {Continue reading…}

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GIRL TALK: The Things They Don’t Tell You About Living Together. | By Bloggista Cassie, of Meet Mrs. B!

Friends, loved ones, enemies, lurkers, pen pals, and guy in my area whose Wi-Fi network is called ‘THAT Uncle,’ I welcome all of you here on this lovely Wednesday afternoonish/eveningish.  Please, steep thy tea, or brew thy coffee, or slap thy Nicorette patch ontoeth thy shoulder… whatever your poison, sit back, sip it/drink it/absorb it into your skin and stay a while, because we’ve got to address something today.        {Continue reading…}

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PERSONAL POST + HUNGER GAMES | You guys, I never thought I’d be as bad as *those girls*. Famous last words.

Happy Tuesday evening, you guys!  Ok I, uhh… well I need to tell you something.  Here, huddle round.

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