‘DESSERT FIRST’ TWILIGHT GARDEN WEDDING + DEAR TKB: “I think my sister’s making a mistake. Should I tell her?” | Photography by Serendipity Studios

Whew!  Happy Monday afternoon, my friends my buddies.  I’m relieved to report that the hurricane’s over, and we made it out alive.  Thank you ALL for your incredibly kind well-wishes and concern!  I’ll tell you, there were some light breezes that, for a moment there at the height of the storm, we thought *for sure* were going to blow some loose papers directly into our faces, potentially – and this was the worst case scenario – potentially leaving behind some of the meanest paper cuts ever left on a face. {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...

Smörgåsbord | Wedding dresses, wedding shoes, wedding fonts, wedding shoe shots, wedding colors, blah blah blah!

Oh, hello Nelly Script + gorgeous ring triumvirate.  So nice to meet you!

Le sigh… {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...