THE ROYAL WEDDING | sigh, I know, but it’s worth it | A little shocked about a lot of things on Will + Kate’s Big Day

You’ve come a long way, baby.

YOU GUYS.  I actually didn’t want to blog about the Wedding Royale with Cheese today.  Why?  Mostly because I knew EVERYONE ELSE WOULD BE BLOGGING THE THING.  But WOW, lotsa pressure from y’all on Twitter to hear my little ol’ take on the occasion.  I’m touched, and a bit frightened… so I, uhh, I hope I get it *right*.  (Don’t hurt me.)

Anywho, it was immediately clear that parallels would be drawn to Grace Kelly (their dresses are incredibly similar), and that the internets would generally be all a flutter about how beautiful she looked, no matter what.  I mean, you could probably schedule a post the night before; it’s always just so obvious what’s going to be discussed.  In fact I wanted to start our letterpress giveaway (THAT’S RIGHT) today instead, and completely ignore the Royal Wedding.  What?!!  Really, I did.  But then a billion things happened, Royal-Wedding-style, that I totally HAD to talk to you about… {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...

OH, THE ROYAL WEDDING IS TOMORROW? You don’t say. Hadn’t really heard anything about it in the news lately.

You guys, he’s ready to stay up… are YOU?

SO!  It’s 3pm EST and I’ve got waaaaay too many puppy pics going on in this post for you.  But I promise there’s weddingy stuff packed in here, too.  High kick, woot!

{Continue reading…}

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ROYAL WEDDING FAILS | Stupid Royal Wedding Things Being Sold Compilation | Mostly Hates, Maybe *a* Like.

OMGIFINALLYFINISHEDIT.  Thanks for submitting approx. beyond-too-many-for-me-to-ever-fully-review-and-still-take-care-of-my-dog yesterday.  I can’t even believe I got this post done.  What is it, like 3pm NY time?  omg it IS 3pm NY time.

In other news: at this point, if I were Kate Middleton, I’d probably be starting to get a little upset.  It seems that being royalty begets you many riches but subtracts equal amounts in the way of respect.  Because people are currently toasting to her wedding to Prince William with tea bags depicting her swimming in money, eating scones off of her face, ashing out their cigs on her embedded body, and just generally handling the gamut of kitschy souvenirs boasting her and her sweet, sweet baby’s likeness. {Continue reading…}

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SMART WEDDING | Andy + Alissa | A wedding that keeps costs down and pretty UP… plus, my feelings concerning the Royal Wedding [hint: they're not great].

I’ve sort of got the *coolest* wedding for you today, but you know what?  We’ve got other fish to fry, so first things first.  Because OMIGOD. {Continue reading…}

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WHAT DO YOU THINK? | Something about Prince William’s proposal really disturbs me… does it disturb you?

First things first…

The project we’ve been working on for what feels like an eternity is finally – FINALLY – coming to your faces, next-week-style.  {Continue reading…}

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