HEY GIRL: Are We Over Ryan Gosling Yet? Let’s Test It By Pouring Over This Shoot Inspired By “The Notebook”

Just FYI-

If saving the world ends up being about me having to print out a document using my personal at-home printer, without assistance from others or an unlimited supply of printer paper on which to inexplicably mess up,

apologies ahead of time for your death.

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GOLDEN THREESOME | The Cream Recap Peek, DIY Gold Leaf Lettering + a Golden Surprise for Readers! + Alison Mocks the Ryan Gosling Coloring Book, Because of Course

(Sorry for the absence midweek, much needed brain-detox needed to happen.  Turns out event preparation and home buying are F**KING EXHAUSTING.)

Aright so that’s right, Friday party people.  I just led off with a threesome reference.  And I’m not f**kin around. …aside from the fact that the post has little to do with three people having sex.  Actually, interesting fact: reading this blog post is going to be waaaaay more rewarding and much less physically demanding, as compared to mushing three bodies together and hoping to be the person with the smallest workload.  So what I’m saying is the overall experience of this blog post is much more likely than a threesome to live up to the hype you’ve dreamed up in your head about it.

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DIY BACKYARD WEDDING + Ryan Gosling Wedding Music Video????!!!!!!1111 | Plus: Bambino, & What You *Must* Do the Morning of Your Wedding…

Oh hey look it’s Monday afternoon.  yayYUH.  Who’s excited, EVERYBODY?  No? … wait, is anybody excited?  Oh c’mon you guys, Monday isn’t that bad.

… aright I’m lying right to your face.  Mondays are no Saturdays, that’s for sure.  There’s obviously no fooling you.  But hopefully things’ll get better once you’ve gotten a load of this post.  I have a very good feeling about it, actually.

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GIVEAWAY | Hey Girl… Enter To Win 1 of 2 Huge Bundles of Striped Paper Straws! | Plus, Gosling vs Puppy.

*This giveaway is now closed. (Cheer up silly, there will be more!)*

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The 3 Reasons You Love Ryan Gosling, and the Dresses You Should Wear When You Get Saved By Him.

Oh, is it Friday already?  Wow.  Ok, first things first……. shout out to my pops, whose bday is today.  Happy Birthday, Dad.  I love you like a daughter. ;)  You really are the best.

Ok, so this morning I saw something PRETTY FUTHER MUCKING INCREDIBLE.

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“The Conversation.” | If you can’t say it *to* her face, don’t type it *about* her face. … Ryan Gosling gets it.

me again.

Now that I’ve got your lady parts tingling, I hope you’ve been having a happy Friday.  It’s late afternoon here, and this is the post I was born to write.      {Continue reading…}

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DEAR TKB: “When an Engagement Ring Divides a Family.” | Also, is it wrong to want to use the soundtrack to Ryan Gosling’s “Drive” for bedroom wrestling… or is it oh so right?

Happy holiday-I’m-not-sure-you-celebrate!  It’s the crack of Tuesday morning as I publish this, because I wanted to be sure I blogged tonight/this morning before I completely conked out from the exhaustion of traveling over holiday weekends.  Plus, there’s this reader question I feel I need to answer LIKE RIGHT NOW, or else somebody’s world could blow up.  You’ll understand in a few.

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GOLD, GLITTER, SPARKLE | I want pretty much all of this stuff. Mom. Dad. Honey. Brothers. Sister. Extended family. Bambino. Also, what should I wear to Honey’s holiday party?

Well hello and welcome to your Tuesday evening posticle.  We have much to explorrrrre…

But first:

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Funny! + SERIOUS. | “Cat Block” + “A Love Story” captured by Super Mega Action Plus | Also, this is roughly 4% wedding-related. Also also, I just have to preface this blog post by saying that I’m not on drugs. I’m just the necessary amount of ‘weird’ it takes to write like this.

Hey guys it’s me.

Not Ryan Gosling; Alison.  Sometimes I write posts that are so outlandishly outlandish, that the only thing I feel can pull it together, give it at least the facade of relevance and legitimacy… is Ryan’s punim.  I think it’s doing a great job of it.  A really great, sexy job.

Now about the title.  It’s like a weird amount of words, right?  Sorry; things get that way sometimes, and I just don’t like to fight it.  Anyway, nice to see your gorgeous/handsome/adorable-in-a-completely-nonsexual-way-if-you’re-under-18 faces again, on this Wednesday evening.   {Continue reading…}

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LETTER TO RYAN GOSLING + REAL LIFE ISSUES | Do the holidays test your relationship? Plus: Pinterest Finds, and a Classic Ryan Gosling Move.

Happy day, lovers.  Seeing as it’s evening-time, I’m feeling especially excited that you’re with me.  Thanks for sticking around for this HUGE POST that I, once again, put way too much effort into.  Anyway, it’s so lovely to have you back for a new week.  Tell me, how are you?  Did you have a good weekend?  How was dinner, since it’s pretty close to bed time at the moment.  More importantly, are you gearing up for another Thanksgiving?  It’s approximately five seconds away, just so you know.  By now you probably know where you’re celebrating it… right?  So, will it be at your own home?  Your family’s home?  Your partner’s family home?  Both homes; one for dinner, then mad rush to the other for dessert?  A restaurant equidistant between your respective places of birth?  A grassy knoll measured out beforehand to be exactly half-way in distance between your family and your partner’s family, so no one gets offended?

Ok, actually, I’ve gotta get something off my chest.  Bear with me?  I have a quick message for my Bizarro World BF Ryan Gosling before we get into today’s Real Life Relationship Issue…

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DESSERT STYLING + RYAN BAMBINO GOSLING | Hand-stamped love letters, cake pops, heart toppers, milk glass and porcelain vessels by DIY + Styling Bloggista, Andrea Gray Harper! Plus, our Emici Bridal Giveaway Winner!

Omg longest title EVER.

Happy Tuesday afternoon, my loveliest of loves.  How are you all doing?  Here’s what’s going down in this here blog post today: it’s that time of week again, and one of our fab bloggistas is out to play, which means killer inspo, as per usual.  But then I’ve got a little something vs. something quiz I hope you dig at the very bottom which you’re going to scroll down to right now because we’re an immediate satisfaction driven society and I can’t blame you as I’d do the same because what the hell is she talking about, right?  A quiz?  No I’m with you, I get it.  But then you’re going to come back up here, to this paragraph if all goes according to plan, and you’re going to find out that today’s dessert table ideas are inevitably going to knock out the front of your face the way deer inevitably knock out the front of your car when traveling cross-country.  Or to market, for those of you who live among deer.  I forget that wildlife and people coexist, as I’m a city girl.  Anyway, fortunately, you don’t need any kind of insurance for this scenario!  Phew.  Especially since you’re probably in between coverages right now.  So the last thing you need is a debilitating injury, to the face.

What the f*** am I talking about.

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BUNTING ‘N’ SWAGGER DIY WEDDING + DEAR TKB: “I’m Having a DIY Wedding and I Feel Like DIY Crying…” | Plus, Bambino Part Deux: Return of the FACE.

check it out.  check out that swagger up top.  almost as much swagger as this duck has.  

not as much; almost.

FYI, I love this wedding, and I really think you’re gonna love it, too.  For starters, it’s not the typical wedding I drop onto the internet’s face.  It’s full of peacock feathers, button bouquets, lace and button boutonnieres, galoshes and just general DIY adorableness.  What I’m excited about is that the bride is pretty hilarious, and her write-up is jam-packed with important details and advice.  It is as refreshingly informative as it is amazeballsly amazeballs.

But before we get to that, I feel I should tell you something.  Now, I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but {Continue reading…}

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THEMED BRIDAL SHOWER WIN ~ What I’d want my shower to look like. … and you know I rarely if ever feature bridal showers, so… | Also, Who Doesn’t Wanna Boink Ryan Gosling?

I’m sure you’ve seen me express my love and affection for Ryan Gosling over the time you and I have known one another.  Especially if you use Twitter, because on Twitter you know I do it on a regular basis.  Because I love Gosling like McAdams loves Gosling. That’s right I’m Alison, that girl who tweets about Ryan Gosling and also weddings.  In fact my Gosling tweets are like in my top five most retweeted, so you’ve given me no reason to put a stop to this.  Fun fact: coitus- and kindess-related tweets are in the top five, too.  Coitus and kindness, they go hand in hand!  Or minimally so.  And kindness has no place at all if you’re kinky.  I’m moving on.  {Continue reading…}

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CREATIVE CHIC DIY WEDDING | Rhiannon + Andy | I love this wedding like McAdams loves Gosling.


See that doorknob?  That’s called detail-oriented styling, and it’s just one of the many reasons I freak, you’ll freak and we’ll all freak over today’s feature.  This wedding is so many levels of pretty, I can hardly stand it.  The colors, the perfectly planned details, the dress, the shoes, the scenes, the EVERYTHING.  It’s sort of like {Continue reading…}

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