FRIDAY’S FAB FINDS | May 21 | Things I ♥ = printable table numbers, cool wedding invites, headpieces, bouquets, color schemes & tablescapes!

As I write this post, I’m trying to time the exit of a huge fly with the opening of my screen door.  3 failed attempts.  Fly concussion imminent.  But it’s his fault, because he needs to give me a warning or something, instead of repeatedly popping out of the woodwork, bee-lining it and then slamming face-first into the screen, all in one fell swoop.  Each time, it’s like I never had a chance!  And I haven’t even mentioned that I was sitting in the sun during lunchtime, so my legs are hot and they’re sticking to the faux leather of my work chair each time I get up to assist the fly in his great escape.  So that hurts.

Quick Fab Find break before I continue complaining ~ this I found on one of my regular trips to check out Sarah Yates‘ work:

How much do you LOVE those bouquets?!!  How much?  Seriously, I’m asking.

{Design/coordination: Sitting in a Tree Events / featured: Style Me Pretty}

* * *

By the way, I’m bumming a little bit because one of those really tiny red bugs somehow got into my iMac and has been aimlessly jetting around ALL OVER THE INSIDE OF MY SCREEN.  Apparently, there’s a space between the graphics that show up on your computer and the area where BUGS CAN WALK AROUND.  He’s existing in that purgatory, and at this very moment heading straight for where I’m typing.  It’s really weird/annoying/cool/sad.  Like Fantastic Voyage meets A Bug’s Life.  My main concern at this point is that he doesn’t drag any bug poop around the inside of my screen.  I haven’t yet had a chance to think of the long-term effects of his strolls on my eyes and temper.  This is harsh, but I hope he either finds the exit soon, or dies in one of the corners.

* * *

Moving on… I found some pretty amazing stuff recently, and I am more excited than usual to share it all with you.  But first, have you seen my Style Me Pretty guest post this week?  It’s not your typical affair, not by a long shot.  In fact, it’s kind of the cutest thing ever; the design is completely devoted to the way the groom met his bride.  It’s a BASEBALL THEME WEDDING, by Amorology!!!  Here’s one board, of many:

{Photos: John Schnack – Schnack Studios}

* * *

Adore these gilded garland table numbers, which Livy from A Field Journal created for Project Wedding.  I seriously jump a little in my seat whenever I see things like this.  Thank you, Livy!!

* * *

Obsessed with this bride and her sassypants headpiece made by Erin Cole, which and who I discovered while visiting my good friend Abby’s lovely blog, Life in the Super BurbsThis wedding has it all; beautiful people, Southern charm, exquisite lighting, amazing details and, what I consider the best part of all, it was shot by the ladies of SimplyBloom.  Which, of course, means guaranteed photo perfection.  Ok, headpiece time!

* * *

LOVE this from my girl holdin’ it down in far away Portugal… the crazy awesome Sofia of Brancoprata!

{Featured: Style me Pretty / photos: Josh McCullock / styling + design: Gibson Events}

* * *

Ok, saw this loveliness on A Room Somewhere, and DIED.  (I’m such a sucker for pastel; make it pastel, and I’ll love it/befriend it/eat it/what have you.)  The photos are from a ranch wedding that took place in San Diego, and was featured on Green Wedding Shoes.

{Photos: Colleen Sherman Photography}

* * *

It’s no secret how much I love the Wedding Chicks and what they bring to the community every single day out here in wedding bloggerland.  No exception with this baby! I am seriously LOVING this e-session they featured; it was inspired by one of my fave animated movies, UP!

By the way, the dress is from Anthro – remember when I featured it?  Still in love.

{Photos: Wildlfowers Photography}

* * *

Last but not least, via 100 Layer Cake, we have the simplest, most unique invite idea I’ve seen all week.  And it makes use of one of my dearest household items – the brown lunch bag!!!  Credits: Sideshow Press / Stitch Design Co.

By the by, the bug inside my screen is now fretting horribly, and bouncing around the bottom the way those little balls bounce on words in a song on TV so kids can follow along.  You know what I’m talking about?  He’s trying for an exit every millisecond along the bottom, and it looks exactly like he’s trying to help me sing a song with the right cadence.  Gosh this is really sad for him.  But seriously he needs to get the eff outta my screen.



P.S. – anyone have any interesting plans for the weekend?  I do, but they’re secret.  MUHAHHAAHAH.

Love all of this...

Finding your dream dress… for less!

… and doing it without EVER having to stand on line at 6 o’clock in the morning, or dashing from dress to dress among other discount divas in a sea of last year’s not so sought after sample styles…

At discount sales, animal instinct prevails.

Step 1 is likely complete: you’ve found your dress; it’s THE ONE, no doubt about it. But it’s also way out of your price range. Well, let’s look at the facts. Your wedding day will likely be the most photographed day of your life. To be honest, unless you are photographed for a living, this is the best you’re ever going to look. So, I’m going to assume that you’d like to look really good, maybe even HOT, on that one-of-a-kind day, am I right? Of course I’m right. And that, my dear friends, requires, at the very least, a very nice, very flattering, and, potentially, very expensive dress. That dress is called THE DRESS, and we want you to have it. So, all that’s left is acquiring it without breaking your budget…

Like this? It's Reem Acra

Well guess what? I did it. For about 60% off the retail price. And I’m no banker’s daughter. So that means you can do it, too.

All it takes is a little bit of legwork. Did I say legwork? Fingerwork is more like it. Here are the simple steps to getting that dream dress for less:

~ Step 2: visit sites that boast gently or once-used wedding dresses. Here are some strong examples:,,,

Tip: unless the seller states upfront that she isn’t willing to budge on the price listed, don’t hesitate to negotiate. Email her with a reasonable offer, and see what happens. It’s very likely that it’ll work out in your favor!

~ Step 3: this one’s obvious, but google the designer and style name/# of your dress. Who knows, maybe you’ll have the fortune of finding it on the web page of a charming little boutique somewhere nearby, or maybe across the country. If you find the dress, it doesn’t matter where it’s located, just pick up the phone, pronto! Most shops are happy to accomodate you over the phone or via email. Most wedding shop owners are in the business because of their undying love for it, and that means they take pride and joy in helping a bride LIKE YOU find her dream dress. It’s a win-win, for you and for them. Example: I just HAD to have a certain Melissa Sweet dress (I can’t tell you which one yet, as the hubby-to-be wants it to be a surprise and will be uber-upset if he finds out via this blog. Believe me, it’s very important to him, and they ask for so few things, we’ve got to honor them. Even though I’m DYING TO POST photos of my dress. But I can wait, I can. I can do this.) Ok so back to the story…

I tried on countless other dresses that were in my price range, but always found myself comparing it to the dream. That’s when I decided to buckle down and search the world for it. Low and behold, I found my super pricey, HUGELY DISCOUNTED dress within a day or two! … in Scottsdale, Arizona. And I’m in NY. Fortunately, it didn’t matter! The whole experience, from the first email and phone calls to the moment I received my boxed dress in the mail, was one I wouldn’t trade for anything. It was so thrilling, so heartwarming and so easy! I came away not only with a dress, but a pretty great friend in the boutique owner. She was the absolute kindest person, and better yet, it’s a lovely story I can think back on when I’m older, tummy swollen after multiple births, knitting some kind of blanket and talking to myself on the porch while my husband pretends to listen and then goes inside to turn on the game. (He doesn’t do that yet, but it’s comin’. Yeah you KNOW it’s comin’.) Ah yes. But at least I’ll have my stories… right?

Love all of this...